• Why is the game app so bloated and different then the browser version? I also can't stand the way that farm lists and reports won't show the summary icon such as yellow or red swords. Why can't I just have the classic browser interface? Why is the app so bloated with fancy stuff, that most map features error out? Was never a problem until the latest patch banned mobile phones from accessing the browser version (Administration didn't put that in the change log that I can see, but it shows me logging in almost constantly at the login page even though I can't log in and won't use the app).


  • How on earth were devs thinking when they banned mobiles from the standard browser version before the app have full functionallity??? As vice king I cannot collect tributes in the app and also I cannot see crop and troop status at my kings or dukes villages among alot of other very important features (as mentioned above the farmlist and report functions leave alot to ask for in the app)! I get that the worthless mobile browser version are disabled, I never used it, but the standard browser version on mobile is the only way I play this game since I have No computer at the moment...

  • I would love the app if it actually worked, but it has been flawed for at least a year with the same problems. They have no intention of fixing it, which makes me wonder who on earth they have testing functionality for them or if they are genuinely trying to eliminate all players that don't work at home .

  • Hi all,

    I'll try to address all your topics. Let me know if there's something else I've missed and sorry for the long text! (There's a summary at the end :D )

    As @Skog#SE mentioned, vice kings cannot collect tributes using the app. This is the first priority of our mobile development team at the moment. We already have the feature developed for Android (and it'll be available for Android users soon, once it's properly tested) and it's our number one priority for iOS. In general, we are working on improving the app and bringing the missing features from the browser to the app. One of the things high in the list are farm lists and reports, as @Randalthor suggested, which we hope to rework soon so they're fully functional on the app too.

    When it comes to the app, it still isn't perfect, but we have taken several steps in the right direction by bringing the chat to the app and by largely improving the stability of the app in the last month (Our latest release fixed almost all crashes and currently sits at 97,3% crash-free users on Android and 98,5% on iOS). That is to say that things are moving forward and now for example it should be difficult to randomly crash while using the app. Still, I repeat that we know it's far from perfect and we continue working on it.

    Regarding the mobile browser version, we decided to no longer support it since it meant we had to develop all features on it too, slowing down the development of the game significantly. Take into account that every single development had to be adapted (or made from scratch) for browser, mobile browser version, Android and iOS, taking a lot of time that could be spent in new features.

    As you know, as it currently is, the lobby hides the "continue playing" button whenever it detects you're on mobile. However, after reading your feedback, we will change this so the lobby still allows access to the NORMAL browser version through your mobile browser. This means that those of you that used the normal browser on mobile will still be able to continue playing as you were (Thanks for the feedback, @Skog#SE !). We'll try to change it back as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we'll continue working on improving the app. Regarding the "random" mobile browser messages on laptop/desktop that you mention @Thorsson, they should appear only once, unless you clear your cache. In any case, they will also be removed completely soon so they stop bothering you :)

    Summary (tl;dr): Normal browser version on mobile browser will still be accessible as usual, we'll take care of it asap. Meanwhile, we continue and will continue working on the app to improve it even further.

  • the chat in app is also VERY slow to load (on 4g with 4/5 bars, so no connection issues) it can sometimes take up to 5 minutes to even switch from private conversations to kingdom or SS. and that's not even opening the actual chat

    I get very impatient so I tap my screen on the message multiple times, and it opens the same chat however many times I tapped, going back will need to close all of them (taking also a very long time

  • It has now been over a week since you promised to open the full browser version for mobile users, what is taking so long?? I can hardly keep my account going with this so called mobile app, it lacks too many features! Please open the full browser version for mobile users asap!

  • I refuse to play until it opens up. The app as it is right now is unpleasant when I am just building and infuriating when I try to raid or attack. I have not logged in since your promise.

  • I do believe the App got a lot better in comparison to last year, and it became actually nicely usable.

    There is of course a few things which I dearly crave for and where it does not yet allow to replace the desktop version, thus it still does not allow to play the game alone via app, you *need* a desktop computer or the desktop browser version or you are still left at a serious disadvantage:

    * vice kings cannot collect tributes
    * Sending ressources in a given quantity is a big pain. Try to hit exactly 4500 when your slider is 3cm wide and ranges from 0 to 200000k. It's a click-fest.
    * You cannot view reports shared in the chat.
    * You cannot withdraw a part of troops which you sent as re-inforcements (that's both, bliss and bane at the same time. Sending back re-inforcements is a BIG pain on the desktop. It's a click-fest there)
    * You cannot reserve ressources for the build queue in villages and towns and you cannot re-order build orders

  • Can we Please get a time plan for when desktop browser version will be available on mobile again? This is taking too long in my opinion!

  • Still no update about the situation?

    As vice king I cannot collect tributes in the app

    This is even more bad. The problem ist nearly 2 months old. And nothing happened? I cannot use Desktop version on mobile phone, I cannot collect tributes in the App. So what am I supposed to do, while I am at work? :(

  • This is a big joke. How can you not be more careful about your players? No updates to the app to enable any of all the critical needs listed in comments above and still No access to desktop browser version from mobile. Scandal!!!

  • Hi @Skog#SE,
    we're sorry that we couldn't work on this sooner. It's in the list of next things we'll be addressing, so expect to have access to the mobile browser version from your mobile in our next update (0.88).

    The app has improved significantly. We know we still have a long way to go, but we're making progress. For example, vice kings can now collect tributes using the app on Android, one of the complaints written above. We're currently testing it for iOS too.

    Again, I'm sorry for the delay on the topic of the mobile browser version: it will be part of our next update (that will come soon).