Display your hero contest - Show us your new Roman hairstyle! (COM2 only)

  • Thanks to all for participating!!!
    You guys have some seriously cool heroes. Not everyone could make it for the picture, but here are your heroes celebrating their new look! That is what I call a well defended village :)

    The following players received 50 Gold in the accounts they mentioned: @Пашгун#RU, @Stavinator#PT, @TAMO_AE, @snarf#ES, @Akıncı, @snow flake. I'm missing your game world and avatar name, @blackknight#EN(1), you also won. Let me know so I can send you your prize.

    Again, thank you for participating! If you can take the challenge of playing on another game world, COM4 will have its unique event about Teutons starting tomorrow Thursday.