this game is not balanced for late comers

  • so today i have decided to enter a bit old server which started 21 days ago , and guess where my village was spawned ?? in the middle of kingdom whose in top 10 where the lowest village has 300 pop and the strongest having 1.3k pop... is this some kind of a joke? where is the balance for new players ??

  • I would like to ask where you would rather spawn as that spawn sounds like a pretty good starting position if you ask me.
    In a bigger kingdom?
    In a smaller one?
    Out in the boonies to a king that also just started?

    Medium sized kingdom is pretty good place for a late starter imo, you get a place where you are protected against people who been playing for lot longer while getting a nice boost to your development with much higher crop payouts. At the same time the mid sized kingdom will surely welcome a new account into their ranks to gain more tributes and a welcome addition of power when you account grows for a bit.

    It should also be noted that Com3 is only 9 days old if you are looking for a more balanced start you should head there. Or if you are a purist of starting on even footing (like myself), wait a week for Com9 and head there on day 1 or 2.
    Got plenty of options here, no need to complain about things you willingly put yourself into

  • Well yes most likely they would have, if they have enough space to get new people spawning in their area then that means they can't be too picky with players.
    Unless of course you would contact them in a very rude manner then probably just farm you.

  • An active governor will produce treasures for the kingdom (from robbers) and tributes, but if they farm you you will delete/become inactive and they will get no treasures.
    So if you are active it is best for them to accept you in the kingdom.

    Besides, the more you grow the more tributes you will produce for them.

    Average player proud to be part of BM

  • joined at day10 on my first server which i took to the end and had no issues, even with multiple large players nearby.

    spent my BP having a chat to the most threatening kingdom and joined up with them.

    The answer is yes, do expect them to welcome you with open arms. don't ask = don't get.

    Heck with this menhir thing going on, you get to choose any kingdom in the entire game! Got refused? try another! Refused again? something wrong with the way you're asking!

    I have no idea what your issue is.

  • I joined my first server 41 days after the beginning. At the end – and with some help and advices – I had 11 villages, 9k in pop and 40k def (before losing them on WW). Of course, I was far of the top players but that didn't matters at that time. Travian Kingdoms is based on teamplay and even the beginners or modests players are helpfull.

    My 40k def were not enough, obviously, but they served. Whoever had to plan a defense was happy to find 40k more.