COM4 contest details – The Teuton World – Raid like a Teuton!

  • Dear players,

    COM4 is starting on the 29th of March and it will be accompanied by a unique Teuton event.

    April is the month of the Germanic goddess Ôstara and she brings the spring with her. During this Teuton celebration, we want the Teutons to do what they do best: raid! If the majority of the top10 Robbers are Teutons by Sunday, the 8th of April, everyone in the game world will get the following rewards:

    • A special achievement
    • A male and a female hairstyle – Teuton style!
    • A new set of eyeswith a battle-hardened scar!

    These amazing rewards will ONLY be available on COM4. When you are using them, they will be shown in the lobby and the forum as well. Of course, they will be available only if they’re unlocked: there must be a majority of Teutons players in the TOP10 Robbers statistics of COM4 by the 8th April.

    How can you participate?
    Start as Teuton in COM4 and raid like there’s no tomorrow! Encourage your friends to do so too! We’ll keep track of the process in the forum.

    Are you a Teuton veteran?
    We need your help! We will open up a thread where you can share your tips with Teuton newbies and win prizes too!

    Have you never played as a Teuton?
    Don’t worry! You can ask your questions in these threads and also win prizes!

    What about Romans and Gauls?
    Romans already had their contest in March on COM2. For those of you that love the Gauls, they will also get their special contest in the upcoming month. Just be patient!

    What about local domains?
    Don’t worry, you will even be more powerful! You just have to be a little bit more patient!

    So, what do you think of the new Teuton hairstyles? What about the savage looking scars? Are you looking forward to the start of COM4? Let us know in your comments and don’t forget to prepare your clubs!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team