Mugging items

  • I remember reading about some idea on being able to steal another hero inventary items, Although it felt fundamentally wrong, this thought just came back to me..Why not make able to have a certain share of chance to get the other players items(maybe not what he is wearing) when you kill his hero in hometown with your hero participating in battle.

  • Beyond the very obvious problems why that's not a good thing (namely that people really would not like to lose items to players especially if they paid actual money to get them), it would discourage people from spending gold. After all why buy bunch of consumables when you could just try to farm it from enemies instead.

    RNG sucks in general as well. It makes people feel cheated. If you loot something sure it feels good but it might ruin the other guys plans completely, and on the other hand returning empty handed feels bad as well because you could have got something but didn't. What if catapults did twice as much damage but fired only 50% of the time. End result is the same damage done on average but it makes one party feel cheated regardless of the outcome.