Teuton veterans and newbies - contest and discussion

  • Dear players,

    We recently asked you to raid like a Teuton by the 8th of April.

    We know some of you always play with Teutons, whereas others have never played with this tribe, so we're encouraging our most veteran Teuton players to help our newbies in this contest.

    Teuton veterans:

    • Share your tips as Teuton! What do you wish you had known about the Teutons since the beginning?
    • Answer the other players' questions! Be helfpul and share your knowledge!
    • Tell us your best strategy for the early game!

    Teuton beginners:

    • Ask your questions!
    • Share your learnings!
    • Did you know Teutons can also be great defenders? Ask about scouts and paladins!

    To win, you just have to participate in this thread! Those that help the most (Ask interesting questions, answer other players' questions, share some tips, presents an awesome guide...) will get Gold prizes! Our internal jury will select these posts.

    We have 7x50 Gold to share with those that participate. Please note that the Gold will given next Monday (09-04-2018) but you are welcome to continue the discussion further and we might revisit the thread later on with more prizes.

    Thank you and have fun!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Communications Manager :)

  • Did you know Teutons can also be great defenders? Ask about scouts and paladins!

    Hello Bridget, I dont know if its a bit misleading, but I would say the by far best defensive unit of the Teutons is the spearfighter, I am just unsure if it is so obvious that this is the reason to ask questions about the other units ?(

    Anyway, if I play a defensive Teuton I would focus on Spearfighters mostly, they are cheap and offer great defensive value especially against cavalry. Also, the resource cost for every def point against infantry is lower than on paladins!
    So if you are not almost overflowing on resources, I would fill the barracks first before starting to build paladins, try to encourage your gaulish kingdom members to build druidriders as fast defense, they outdo the paladins in all relevant values.

    Also, build scouts in at least one dedicated villages, the Teuton scouts are great to provide as scout defense for friendly treasuries, especially for other Teuton or Gaul Kings/Dukes who do not have access to the Roman horse drinking through (and therefore Equites Legati would consume 2 crop/h there instead of 1).

  • Hello @Philbaaa

    great that you ask :) Yes, I wanted to provoke a bit. Also, when I play as a Teuton, I like to build scouts and provide the other kingdom members with them. Just like you also said. About the Paladins: I just love them for their carrying capacity and because they actually are not that bad as offensive troop against robbers or for the farm list. I rather compare them with the Haeduans because they are also a mixed but need more crop.

    And yes, the spearfighters are also important to train when playing as defensive Teuton. I actually like to start somewhat offensive as Teuton and become more and more defensive during the round. How do you play mostly?

    kind regards,


    Community Communications Manager :)

  • If you play as a teuton and want to rob a lot should you start making clubswingers (they are cheaper) or should i make axefighter that are stronger??
    plus if i continue beeing a teuton off player shoul i make a clubswingers or axes??

  • @Philbaaa @txogma#ES I was hoping that more players would share some insights or ask questions. Since that didn't happen, I would like to give you both 200 Gold each. Please share your game world name and nickname and you will get it asap.

    About the axes: I actually ignore them and never build axes as Teuton. I'd rather invest in the stable and build up Teutonic knights or, because in my heart, I am a defensive player, I train a lot of Paladins.

    kind regards,


    Community Communications Manager :)

  • Hello Bridget,

    you are too kind! I just have one question: Is it possible to get the Gold in my Lobby? I would like to use it on a server that is starting soon, since there is just 1 I actively play on and I still have enough Gold there for the round.
    If this is not possible, can I send the gold to a friend's account on the same world? Or is this not allowed?

    best regards,

  • hello Bridget...I'm obviously a teuton..nand i just settled my 2nd village...the problem is that it is not developing as fast as my 1st one did and i still haven't unlocked my TK's in my 1st village...pls tell me wat to do....im an offensive player by the way

  • Hi Bridget thank you for your answer i will go as deff player but i try to make some club and in early game they are soo useful to steal
    In the server ES3 name txogma
    but if you can put them in the lobby that would be fine

  • @txogma#ES your Gold is now given :)

    @Philbaaa I cannot give you Lobby Gold. Gold that is given in contests is not transferable. That means, you cannot tranfer it to the Lobby after the round ended. Either, I can give it to a friend of yours, like you suggested, or we wait until your new round starts. Just PM me with the details :)

    kind regards,


    Community Communications Manager :)