Troops immediate return

  • To expand on what Georgi said such an item would go on the wrong side of what is very delicate balance between a legitimate business model and straight up pay to win.

    Gold of course gives you an advantage as it is but you will find that most of the advantages you can get from using it are defensive or economy related and there isn't anything gold exclusive that helps you in actual attacking (though bandages are very close)

    The reason for this is that gold user or not an army is an army and you can play around it. Even if I spend a thousand dollars on the game right now I can't destroy a village any faster than someone who spent 5 bucks or someone playing entirely for free. My army has calculable travel time which gives the defenders a chance to mount a defense.

    With an item like the suggestion I could instead strike twice as fast with my catapults merely because I'm a gold user, which would give me power that someone like a dedicated raider doesn't have access to.

    Time is perhaps the most important resource in the game, and anything that saves time (especially on offense) is usually really strong