About Kingdoms Union

  • Hello , how does the new kingdoms system works ?

    i remember you used to unlock a duke slot every time time king settle a new village up to 5 dukes , and extra treasury slots everytime a kingdom hit 4K treasures.

    i read something about "2 kingdoms can merge to one big kingdom with vice-king and bla bla bla."

    when does that option unlock ? and what happend if the vice-king goes inactive ? cant i merge with new kingdom ?
    pls if someone have answers to all of that let me know :)

    Good night - KOF

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    Now a king starts with 2 dukeslots already unlocked. Forming a Union will net you a total of 4 dukespots plus the king and the vice (so 6 players in total). Iirc to form a union both kingdoms have to be at least 30 days old and at the time of merging they have to be bordering already (to then merge into one single larger kingdom). The bond is permanent. If either king or vice goes inactive, the other one is stuck with his corpse there, so think twice whom you bond with. Everyone else can leave the kingdom at any time, including dukes. Just king and vice are bonded to this particular unified kingdom and each other for the server
    Also you need 10k treasures now to unlock the next treasury (but you can have multiple treasuries pervillage now, like crannies or warehouses)

  • Just be careful who you merge with .....the system is badly broken. You cant break a union once merged. You cant dissolve the union/Kingdom once merged, BUT (and heres the broken part) Your King or Vice King can DELETE, without restriction, WITH TREASURES!!!!! So again, be careful who you merge with, make sure they are in the game for the long haul.

  • I don't think the system is "badly broken" I just think more info needs to made available to those wishing to play as King, as it requires a lot more commitment than it used to.

    The Unions was created to help stop the ever evolving meta kingdoms, thus giving smaller kingdoms a better fighting chance, now we just need to get those meta kings playing the game correctly

    (You can take the meta out of Kingdoms, but can you never take the King out of the meta) << this is the bit that's badly broken imo

  • It's all good and working well when things go well. As soon as things go south the PERMANENT union is broken imo. Because you cannot avoid players taking advantage of game mechanics it's just difficult to make an unbreakable union without major problems if things go wrong. So imo again this needs fixing badly. The tribute/treasure system has been fixed somewhat but not completely. Neither has the treasure/VP hiding/timing issue. Untill these problems are solved we will have the one large meta kingdom and it's hard to avoid it happening during wars/intrigues/inactivity and such areas.