Problems with late announcement of ceasefire

  • There is a problem with late announcements of ceasefire, as it makes it useless for the people who really need it.

    Example: I was away for the Easter holidays and to be safe I activated vacation mode for 2 days. To have it active over holidays I had to start them 48 hours in advance. When the Easter ceasefire was announced for the period that almost overlapped with my vacation period it was already too late for me to cancel the vacation without loosing the 2 days anyways. I even contacted the support asking if there was a way to do it and all I got was a "Sorry, but...". As I consequence I wasted 2 days of vacation mode for a few hours of extra protection.

    To make the ceasefire useful for the people who are planning to be away during holidays you should announce it earlier, at a very minimum 48 hours before it starts and preferably even 3 or 4 days in advance.

  • You should be able to cancel the vacation at any point, so you would have lost only 1 day of vac time and 2 days of farming prior to the actual vacation at best.
    Also for the future, iirc there is only 3 truce times, easter and christmas/new year (24.12.-27.12 and 31.12.-2.1), so if you are playing a world at that time keep that in mind

    on a side note: i think that something caused them to announce it later than usual in the EN forum as moony announced it 8 days ahead in the german part of the forum.