Server start

  • You usually start further to the outer ring of the map the older the server gets together with the others who started late. This is not always the case tho (because sometimes you 'fill' an empty spot closer to the mid). Unless you really dont want others anywhere on the map to have this pop advantage you might want to just give it a try. Worst case is you wasted 5 minutes for the tutorial, press the delete button after and head to the next server.

    The server after the next speed server will be a test server (which comes with its own pros and cons and might not exactly be what you are looking for) and that one starts in exactly a week from now on. So its at least a week till the next normal server.

    You might want to check the upper left in the lobby. There's the game world calendar, showing the up to two next servers (depending on how many, if any are currently announced). And for further information to them, visit -> Link to the announcements <-. There you will find details on upcomming servers. Usually a few days ahead.