when are we going to get new races in travian kingdom ?

  • hi all

    Recently i have been seeing a lot of post on travian fb page regarding additional races like Huns, Egyptians....

    so my questions are

    1- when are we going to see these races among other races in travian kingdom?
    2- i really would like to see other races like sparta/athens/persia/celts/germanic tribes,britons

    we really got bored of playing the same races over the last 15 years ...

  • Hello @hellhound#EN(2)
    unfortunately at the moment there are no plans to implement new tribes in Travian Kingdoms. That doesn't mean that there definitely won't be any implemented in the future, but currently the team is focused on fixing bugs and improving the performance + some other cool smaller features and improvements

    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • Hello Georgi

    Would it not be possible to mix Egyptians and Huns with Travian kingdom like you have done In normal travian?

    Surely that change would pump everyone up and make the game more exciting because of new strategies?

    Kind regards

  • Hey there @Azurite_COM
    unfortunately that isn't a possibility. Please keep in mind that Travian Legends and Travian Kingdoms are two separate games and through the years they grew a lot different than each other, it isn't possible to just take a feature out of one of them and implement it into the other. Even if some of the features are similar, they have to be developed from scratch in Kingdoms(as was the whole game) since it's a lot newer than TL

    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • @Georgi

    that is a sad story , i am sure most players have been waiting to play with new races for ages now, i recently tried to play TL after i played TK and guess what i couldn't spend 5 min in TL, it felt old and unappealing compared to TK

  • Kinda sad that these ideas will not be pushed.

    Imagine the money that will be Gained If you where to adds 2-3 More tribes.
    It will bring massive waves of new player

    Best Regards,


  • tell me about it ... they are telling us that its a separate game from the original game, yet it has same tribes, same combat mechanics, same map, same items, heroes same designs.... 90 % of the game is the same as the original game ...people see this game the same game as the original game NOT DIFFERENT thats what confuses many people, we want new tribes !!! its about time we get new tribes ... we have been playing with same old rusty tribes for the last 12 years

    i even suggested to add variety of horse items , variety of mounts like camel and elephan which were used during war ... nothing.. no one has even bothered to respond ...

    they want from us new ideas, we are giving them our creative ideas ,yet were not seeing even a single response, like
    "thank you (user) , your idea is creative, why we havent thought about it before, we are definitely going to implement ur idea, we will keep u posted with the updates, thank you for being so much motivated about our game and playing our game , we highly appreciate ur support "..