resource pushing

  • Situation is as follows. I have sent troops to allies village A. I can send crop to A to feed my troops (say 10k for easy math), but the granary isn't big enough to hold the crop over night. So I want to send the 80k to another village (or multiple villages) and have him us the trade routes that transfer 10k/hour of crop to where it is needed. I can send crop to the village that has my troops, but not to any other village. Any suggestions? Is this working as intended? Is resource pushing limited on a per village basis?

  • Yes, unfortunately you've hit the pushing limit which restricts how much a player can send to another player (rather than a per village basis). This limit had to be made because of people abusing resource pushing, and as always, everyone else is disadvantaged because of the actions of a few. Possible solutions are to use a trade route / triple trips yourself if you have Travian Plus, finding more players to act as go betweens, or feeding offensive troops of the player you're defending at your own village. He might have rams or catas not in regular use that you could feed. You could also talk to the other player about sending resources instead of crop to upgrade his granary or he might be able to trade on the market for twice as much crop. In the end, granary upgrading is the best solution.

  • Except i can send resources to the village that I have troops in, not other villages. I can't do trade routes to other peoples villages either.

    Have been getting the granary upgraded, but we only want to kill a chief or two, and then likely to catapult the village down too, so don't want to get it to high of a level in case they do a real attack and chief it.

  • Hello @Wassup!!
    I can confirm that this is working as intended - you can feed your troops for a limited amount of time only in the village that they're stationed. It isn't possible to send the resources to other villages instead

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  • Unless its not a world wonder village we are talking about where you could simply set up trade routes you basicly have several options:

    • sent crop for all units at once, preferably from diferent villages with diferent distance and make the recipient manage himself by distributing it to his other villages and back again when crop runs low
    • have a sitter send eveery now and then over the night
    • not sure if it works to be honest but if it does: merchant repetitions
    • not the best way and limted if kingdom members but you could dedicate one of your villages as crop storage for that time and make him pick up crop himself by robbing you
  • @Marshmallowman is right those are pretty strong tactics there and merchant repetitions do work so that's another powerful way of spreading out the crops.

    Sitters and duals can also help a lot, you can also arrange 3rd man to help you where you pay him back in the morning or perhaps taking some of the units the player you are defending has into your own villages so they dine there.