seriously how u guys are able to play this game would u mind sharing ur strategies for newbies?

  • hi all

    would you guys share some of the strategies for the first week for each tribe ? i have tried to search on the internet about guides,sadly most guides are outdated and dont include travian kingdom...

    i see some players who are robbing millions of resources per week yet i cant rob a damn thing ...!!

    i am playing as a roman tribe currently on the latest server , i am not able to attack anyone without suffering a massive losses ... yesterday i lost 60 leg and 25 imp in a single attack and got nothing in return ...eventhough i had already scouted my target ,sadly the attack took 1h30min to arrive ,which gave the player enough time to call for help ..

    after yesterday loss which took out 35% of my army i decided to play defensive only because i am not able to get any resource from my surroundings

    plus the resource fields production rate is so damn lame , i have already activated 25 % bonus yet i am getting shit production rate despite fields being lvl 6 and 7

    seriously guys, how are u robbing so much resources with so little losses ? i am so frustrated and wanna quit if i cant find a way to get resources ...i really need ur help

    thank you in advance

  • given that with kingdoms being able to see someone getting attacked increases risk element for the raider....

    my suggestion is to go for relatively inactive players/players with no kingdom. But more importantly, have quick raid units so defence reinforcements cant make it in time. The biggest shift from normal T4 servers to Kingdoms servers is that the cavalry army's speed holds very high significance now. The raiders you see in top 10 are likely to be (teutons clearing nearly inactives/ high pop romans or teuts ) or (romans and gauls who made cavalry and raid inactives and big targets with speed)

    you can always do grey village micro farming tho :)

    yesterday i lost 60 leg and 25 imp in a single attack and got nothing in return ...eventhough i had already scouted my target ,sadly the attack took 1h30min to arrive ,which gave the player enough time to call for help ..

    the 1hr 30 time with kingdom getting alert on your attack is enough to muster good deff sometimes :) prefer to go just imp + ei or EI + hero :D ( legs are just too slow and risky for attacks)

    The Bolton sends his regards :evil:

  • thank you for your reply LordBolton

    so what should romans and Gauls do, train cavalry instead infantry?

    i guess i was playing all wrong .. i was focusing so much on leg unit to a point where i havent trained any cavalry unit yet ><

  • Hello @hellhound#EN(2)

    check out our blog series we are currently publishing: Game Play Guidelines | Travian Kingdoms Blog

    It's called Beginner's guide and there are already 6 chapters available.

    About playing as a Roman: A lot of players already shared their tricks here: Roman Veterans/Newbies discussion and contest

    And here: Guides you can find even more player made guides.

    Check them out :) I am curious to here from you if they helped you and if it was easy to follow them.

    kind regards,


  • thank you @BridgetB

    these articles were really helpful, it seems i have made a lot of mistakes which i am afraid hindered my development process, will there be any new normal server soon? because starting the latest server again which is 7 days old isnt really advisable i think since i would become a farm

    and starting speed server isnt my thing since its too much time consuming

    what do you suggest me do?

  • 7 days old is not too late mate :) you will be in the other ww area which would be totally fine for you :) with luck you can relocate to a nearby big kingdom so you get bonus crop from stolen goods which can help you get back to other player's situation :) Also, you are trying to be raider right? you can afford a 7 day headstart of others :P

    good luck

    The Bolton sends his regards :evil:

  • The general idea of raiding for a large proportion of players is to sending attacking groups of less than 10 to hit inactive villages every 20-30 mins. This is likely why you're struggling to get resources from them. This is about 200 raids every hour.

    If sending raids that often is not to your liking, keep focusing on those resource fields. They CAN give you decent production. If you are within a large kingdom, it is not uncommon to be ignored in terms of raiding. I have received 2 attacks on my current server. Getting looted is highly unlikely to be an issue if you get in a good kingdom asap.

    Once you have 3 villages, this is really the time to think about troops to some extent, as you'll be producing around 2000+ of each resource per hour. You'll also notice your robbers have become strangely wealthy in terms of resource (presuming you are a governor, which i'd highly recommend, dukes/kings are more ideal to those whom are within the top 30 raiders). Oddly enough 25 troops is plenty up till this stage and the only reason you may want more is so that you can actually bring back all the resources from the robber camps in one go!

    I will warn you that it is going to be highly unlikely that you'll be in the top 50 players with this sort of method (excluding population), but you can certainly get pretty close. It's certainly a more profitable way of playing than making troops and not using them.
    Bear in mind you can still go offense. There are a surpring number of people whom build troops to early and do not use them and these people can be overtaken.

  • I've not read the previous answers so i apologize if i write something that's already been written.

    If you are new on the game and have troubles I would recommend the following.

    Always focus on your fields. Every resource not spent on fields is resources never coming back.
    Build defensive troops. Stationary defensive troops like phalanxes, spearmen, praetorians/legionares.
    If someone wants to farm you make sure it costs more than what they get. Spend your resources, you want to give them as few as possible. Create defensive troops so they lose troops on attacking you.
    Don't try to defend against a huge force with a small force. That will cost you more than it costs the offender. Instead hide your troops until you have a decent force THEN put them in your village to defend.
    Don't underestimate the wall. Early levels is cheap and gives a great bonus.
    Befriend your neighbours. Instead of fighting each others you can cooperate against a common threat.
    Keep some scouts inside your village. Most people will not dare attack you if they can't scout you.

    With this said the single most important aspect of the game is activity. If you only log on once per day you will be an easy farm. You will leak resources and like sharks the farmers will keep coming back to pick up those resources.

    Playing like this will give you experience to handle other playstyles. Maybe you want to be the big guy in your area where everyone else is your farm. Well barely nobody starts out that way on the first servers they play. Just focus on growing and learning the game first.