Duke, then governor, then duke again. Do I need to reactivate the Treasury?

  • Hello. I have a quick question. I am a duke in a kingdom, and my king wants to appoint another duke for some time, them appoint me back. Do I have to deactivate and reactivate my Treasury?

  • Depends how the king plans to proceed.

    He could just kick you at any point which would instantly deactivate the treasury but at the same time lose a lot of VP for your kingdom which is something he might or might not be interested.
    You could alternatively first deactivate and then abdicate which means your kingdom doesn't lose any VP in the process but has to wait for the treasury to go down.

    The first is fast but comes with a price, the later is slower but doesn't have the VP penalty

    After you are back as a duke you have to reactivate the treasury normally regardless if you got instantly kicked or if you deactivated first.

  • For the sake of completeness I should also add that you can also intentionally destroy the active treasury (either with the mainbuilding by yourself or with catapults from you or your kingdom mates), if you do so you can take the fast route to not being a duke without the VP penalty you would get if you just quite being a duke. Of course with this approach the price you pay is the treasury itself which might be basically nothing if it's lvl 1 but very expensive if it's leveled up.

    Will still have to build it up again and activate when you are back to being a duke which is why I didn't bring it up on the first post.