Less sacrificial way of getting second village?

  • I've read the guide to starting your second village in 24 hours, but it seemed costly. So I was wondering if there is an alternative guide to getting a second village in perhaps under 48 hours?

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  • To really be fast you have to celebrate, if you allow yourself an extra day you should be able to gather the resources to do so without demolishing your academy and workshop quite easily which would leave you in much stronger position than what the normal 24h settle leaves you with.
    Alternatively you could try without the celebration, since we know the town hall itself gives 800 points you only need to generate 200 culture on your own. This can either be done trough waiting which should be doable in the 48h period or if you wish by investing into a culture helmet which gives you that missing culture quite fast.

    You should consider getting rid of the residence regardless the way you want to settle as the residence doesn't do a whole lot after it has made the settlers (besides some nice culture production)

    If you are very active (perhaps have a dual or two to cover for your night) and can invest a bit of gold you might even be able to perform what I would call the "normal" settle (all fields to 5 before settling at around 200 population) in the 48 timeframe.

  • Another alternative would be the 'olf' fast way of buying a helmet of the gladiator. Depending on the server it almost always requires a lot of gold/silver (or luck to find one ofc). Still have to go the route till building townhall for the 800 CP and wait out the remaining <200. Especially with a max quality one and/or gem'd up you would be done in around 36h. Up to personal preference if an unharmed starter is worth the money spent

  • to be fair, all the guide "really" sacrifices are the residence and the academy. The residence in particular produces 12 CP and that's it's only use after making the settlers seeing it's highly unlikely at the very start of a server someone is going to chief it.

    Not upgrading resource fields is highly optional if you're going to keep the village. Yes each upgrade will slow you down although there are several quests you can complete which pay for themselves.
    Going for all fields to level 3 and one of each to 5 (one of each to 5 is a quest) should give you reasonable production without costing too much. all to 5 is likely to slow you down past 2 days. I went all fields to 5 and made a second village in 5 days although I wasn't being particularly efficient (unsure if i used the celebration or not).

    To be fair the best answer you're going to get is running a test yourself (make a new account of a server you're unlikely to play and try it).