Offensive player questions.

  • So, Im new to the game, I started like 2-3 servers and tried the game to get use to the mechanics.

    My questions are:
    1. I like to be Roman, I believe the best offensive tribe is teuton but I'm not feeling it. As an offensive Roman player, is it worth to create that fast second village? (Less than 24h) Or is it better to just build your army, get over 200 and start raiding, and only then go for your expansion.

    2. In case that you DON'T get a 9c or 15c as your second. Do you use your first or your second as your army builder?

    3. What is the use for all the villages beside your main one? Just as a suply to your main? Do you build even more armies?

    Thank you all in advance!

  • 1) Depends largely the way you want to play and perhaps more importantly if you are playing with friends or not.

    If you are playing with friends then the location of your second village matters a lot and croppers in such areas go very fast. If you don't take a cropper fast in such case you probably won't get one for a while UNLESS you rush for a Natarian village which has it's own risks.
    If you don't care much who you play with the edges of the map almost always have plenty of croppers and you can get a 100% one from there basically any time. The better ones you might have to rush for though. If this is the case whether to 24h settle or not depends on the immediate surroundings of your village. The most effective way is probably to simply 24h settle and then relocate the starter immediately near your new cropper but if you like the area you are in you can just as well simply settle the cropper with a normal 200 pop settle strategy.

    2) Only 3 good options. Your cropper with your second village, your Natarian village (which might be 3rd or even 4th village in certain cases) or your starter.

    Starter has the advantage that you get to start very early but the other 2 are fine options as well and in many cases capital cropper + hammer is the easiest move to execute (considering you are asking here it's probably the best move for you too)
    If you don't get a cropper you simply make the army in the starter and should you get a cropper later you will use that to feed the troops.

    3) You want to reserve at least one village for scout production. Outside of this the minimum is to simply fill any other villages you get with resource fields, the booster buildings and enough market capacity to ship all of that to your hammer.

    A truly proper WW hammer with lvl 20 great buildings can consume millions of resources per day just to produce let alone all the stuff it eats (which at the latest phases often is the single biggest drain on the resources)
    That being said not everyone has the income or the patience to raid and rob for that max size hammer in which case you can often produce some defense on the side as well.
    If you want to, you could consider making second (or even third) hammer as well. You can use these side hammers to either farm more or more likely to use them in fights while you save the main punch for the end game.

    Running all greats can be difficult though especially if you aren't familiar with the game (or the previous versions) in which case simply running the normal buildings and then building some defense and scouts with any excess resources in the other villages.

  • I see, I had the feeling I was so far behind with this fast expansion. Like everyone on my kingdom have enormous armies and I'm there with my fast expansion and no resource incomme whatsoever other than robbers. (even tho we all started at the same time).

    So if I get that cropper village as a second, should I move the hero right away to it and start building army asap so I can raid? Or maybe focus on the first and complete the quest at the cropper one till it's big enough? (I'm not sure If I'm expressing myself correctly).

    In your personal opinion, if you start with a good team, and you want to be offensive, is it worth going for the fast cropper even tho you are gonna be behind at the early stages?

    Thanks for the reponse!

  • Fast settle does put you behind a bit on some others but it's not so bad as it might seem. It does require you to be very active and perhaps have some skill as well but guidance from your king will help.
    You do want to start raiding asap, that means getting clubs, TT's or EI's out as fast as you can.
    You don't necessarily need to move the hero so long as the cropper is close enough so that very low level market can keep up with the resource transfers but if it's far then you definitely want to relocate the hero up there as well.

    You definitely want to take advantage of the cropper for the quests as the basic resource quests of "all to 5" and such can be completed extremely easy in it.

    Mostly the fast settle with team option comes down to the fact that any particular area has only so many croppers so you have to catch the fast before they are gone because if you want to stick with the team you got you can't just settle to the edges of the map as that places you very far from the teammates.

    If I start with a team then the location is more important to me than the cropper. In those cases I do with what I judge the best for the situation to be.
    For example if the team is very small (like say you and your friend) I would consider settling somewhere to the edge with 2 nearby croppers and each take one
    If the team is larger or there are competing teams in the area then the fast settle becomes increasingly necessary as otherwise you might not get a cropper in the first place.