Deleting banned players

  • People who get banned stick around for entirely to long on the map. This means that you can use getting caught cheating as an actual strategy, by settling in enemy territory taking up space, or worse, by grabbing cropper, and locking them to banned account. Whenever the punishment for something turns into a strategy, you might be doing something wrong

  • I think that most of us agree that cheats are treated too leniently by Travian Games. Cheats will then take over, and the game will just die, or perhaps it will stay alive and it will be a case of "May the kingdom full of the most cheats win"

  • Absolutely.

    Not experiencing it right now, but in previous servers have come across purposely made multis in order to break influence areas with banned accounts.

    It should never be beneficial to be permanently banned.

  • We're still dealing with a situation like this. We got a few 150% croppers blocked thanks to some multi account user. And on top of it a whole kingdom who got banned on the other side now leaving a major gap in the middle of our kingdom... Then again, asking MultiHunters about this all you get it "this is intended" copy&paste answer.