• hey guys

    recently i have realized that building a wall is very useless , later ingame, people always attack u with rams destroying ur wall with a single attack... especially roman walls so tell me why should i build a wall when they will get destroyed with a single attack!!! at least the attacker shouldn't be able to decrease ur wall level more than half meaning of ur wall is lvl 20 , he should only be able to decrease it to lvl 10 ...

    who agrees with me that building a wall is very useless later on ingame especially for roman tribe

  • Even though Roman wall is often times to most useless it's not totally useless by far.

    Walls will always help you against ramless attacks (cavalry especially) which is pretty good on it's own already.
    Perhaps more importantly though even if the wall does go to 0 in one swoop it doesn't mean that it didn't do anything.
    Here's an example:

    Even though the wall does go down it still turns the fight complete on it's head making the enemy lose nearly 900 more clubs and saving 400 of your pretorians.
    Mind you if the battle is totally one sided then the wall can be on occasion totally useless as well tho so watch out.

    Additionally the closer the fight is the more work the wall does, let alone if you were actually going to win. Should the enemy have multiple attacks and you have good defense the first few waves might be completely ineffective against a roman wall until it goes down fully in a later fight, especially if the enemy has poor rammers which is a very common pitfall for attackers.

    More over stonemason can make even roman walls stand for significant beating

  • No stonemason has the same impact on walls as it does to structures, this is very important effect of it and should be considered when building it.

    Lets set up the evil Teuton once again but this time add the stonemason in as well.

    Notice how big of an improvement that is from the previous fight, not only does the fight become very favorable indeed but even the wall survives (barely) now.

  • In my mind roman wall find his strengh in the fact that you can quickly have a good def bonus for a low amount of ressources. You do not need to upgrade it to level 20 to feel his effect. So it work best in early game, when no one has a lot of rams, and against raiding.

    But when you really need to defend a village, then it's the worst wall of the three.

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