ok how u guys do it seriously !! whats the trick to get ur second village in less than 24 h

  • hey guys

    i have started com8 server yesterday, and it hasnt even been 24 h, yet i am seeing people who are getting their second village already ... how u guys do it !!! whats ur secret come on spit it out please!! :( , people tell me its all about the build order and following the quest line, well guess what , i have followed the damn quest line and didnt even manage to get all of my resource fields lvl 5 ,yet people had their second village in less than 15h...

  • The idea behind this is that you have your 2nd village freaking fast, so that you can get the best cropper. Don't do any of the resource level assignments, they only cost you resources. If you use your cropper for your resource assignment, "all resource fields to lvl 5" comes down to upgrading 3 resource fields. From those assignments you will then get your rewards and build up your production level.

  • You will also need to invest real life money in the game. Or to play with a dual willing to do so. Raiding will be mandatory if you do not want to be useless which mean having to put a lot of time in the game.

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