Number of actions shown in Rally point

  • This is just a mess. 4 actions per page in the rally point? Also to top it of there is no way to move through the pages except walking one page at a time.
    You farming and got an attack you wish to cancel? Well you are lucky if you find it before the 90 second mark.

    I WISH this system would get a change.

    Allow more actions per page.
    A way to move to page X without having to move through every page.
    A way to search?

  • Only really needs to separate raids and attacks or at least farm list attacks and manually sent ones.
    Though that being said same issues do pop up when sending lot of attacks manually so the raid <-> attack separation would be ideal imo.

  • There was a bug about rally point so they changed it as 4 movements on one page. Before that change game was crashing when you open your rally point with +100 movements. You cant make a search and you have to through every page :(

  • I assumed there was a reason for the amount of actions per page. Game crashing is a legit reason.
    But it doesn't change the fact that either what Curtain suggested or a simple "move to page x" would make this a lot better. Not optimal but on the right path at least.

    Seperate farm list attacks and normal attacks should already have kind of a solution? As reports is already seperated on the two.