increase resources bonus per level especially above lvl 12

  • hi guys

    is it me or this game is so broken on so many levels?

    upgrading resource fields clay,iron,wood above lvl 12 just doesnt make any sense give the return on investment being extremely low which doesnt benefit the player ...

    i really wanna play this game and enjoy it , however there are things in this game which make me wanna break the pc in front of me , the resources production per level is one of the reasons !!!..

    after lvl 12 the amount of resource which is needed to upgrade a resource field is getting ridiculous when u compare it with the ROI ...CHANGE IT Dammit !!! make it more profitable!!

    imagine upgrading an iron field from 19 to 20 will take 4.5 mil resource and its gonna need around 5 to 6 month to get ur ROI ... was the developer who developed this math ,smoking something during coding ??the math behind this is making me so pissed at the game

    plus concerting exchanging resource with npc is so expensive which is 5 gold... for real !! a gold buyer does this activity couple of times per day as the server ages.. 5 gold is ridiculous!!! change it to 2 gold!!!!!

  • Generally how much you increase your production depends on the individual, whether you are a gold user, whether you are a very active farmer, what kind of village you have as your Capital & also whether your village has good oases to warrant it etc

    you would never upgrade an Iron field upto L19 and only in very few instances would you upgrade a crop field to L19, but if you had a 15c with 150% crop bonus you could be tempted to upgrade those if you could reasonably afford to

    a 150% 15c with Level 12 fields gives you 23625 p/h
    a 150% 15c with Level 19 fields gives you 126000 p/h

    so a massive difference of over 100k crop p/h (nearly 2.5 million extra per day) if you choose to upgrade on the best cropper there is in the game

  • thats in the perfect word.. u g onna be super lucky to have these circumstances

  • Yes I was just giving you an example, like mentioned it would be very few instances. But usually it's worth increasing your Cap fields upto L15 or 16 again depending on your activity levels and also your troop numbers

    I guess the thing to remember is "just because you can, doesn't mean you have to" :)

    these upgrades have always been like this in all versions of travian, so can't be too much of a problem

  • Thats the beauty of travian, there are a lot of things you can do, but it doesnt mean you should do them,

    it doesnt make any sense at all leveling resource fields (clay,iron,wood) up to lvl 15 16 ... the cost is out of this world,probably the guys who decided this was having a bad day to come with this ridiculous cost vs ROI..i can understand getting back roi after 2 weeks.. but i can not understand getting ROI after 6 months... its insane !!! thats the entire length of the server !!

    maybe i wanna be a farmer and level up my resource fields instead of robbing other players.. which isnt profitable there is risk where u loose all of ur troops and start over ,but no i cant do that coz theres no point in leveling above lvl 12 maybe 13

  • If you think it is not profitable, just dont do it. Make new villages and lvl the resources fields to 10. :)
    The lowest the field level, the lowest the ROI.

    Average player proud to be part of BM

  • To add to what @Arievilo mentioned about simply not building the buildings that don't return their investment withing the remaining (or what you consider reasonable) time of the round there is another important thing to consider.

    Sometimes the ability to build slightly inefficient buildings is very crucial especially for players who aren't heavy gold users.
    Here are 3 examples of such

    1) Defensive Roman player (or Teuton with wood)
    Lets say you are defensive roman player and hell bent on making the fattest stack of prets you possibly can, for this you need a lot of iron but without gold you can't NPC and while markets or team trades do offer some salvation you might find yourself struggling regardless.
    In a situation like this even though the iron field upgrade might not be reasonable on purely technical terms the fact that you can upgrade the field by using the undesirable resources while increasing the production of the desirable resource can be great. It's never strictly optimal but it will help with micromanaging the account and making you more self sufficient.

    2) WW hammer builder
    Lets say you are planning on making a very large hammer but again lack the large amount of gold you might ideally want to use for such project. By midgame your raid income should be fairly good and you might find yourself with lot more resources than you can actually spend. In a situation like this you might want to upgrade your crop fields one or even two levels past of what you might normally do because while you do have the resources now, come late game the army will eat up all of that and more. Optimally you would simply store the resources and maybe NPC or use them later but doing so isn't really feasible. So instead you tie down the resources into a building now (crop fields especially) which acts as a pseudo storage of nearly limitless size and get the same resources tricking back over the course of the end game helping you manage your crop flows.

    3) time of plenty
    This last example is little bit similar to the previous in that sometimes you simply find yourself in a time of plenty. Raids bring more resources you can spend, maybe you loot an enemy player for 600k resources, maybe you sell lot of treasures or activate a treasury but the end result is that you find yourself with more resources than you could immediately spend. In such cases again taking on paper ineffective trade of building a resource field can be a useful tool instead of say overflowing or queuing troops up for 400h straight

    Mind you all these situations above aren't strictly optimal play but they have in common that they are
    1) easier
    2) can be done on the fly
    3) help reduce micro management of the account
    4) save gold

    Which are all important for non gold solo players especially which is quite a big chunk of the playerbase