why there is a level limit to hero ??

  • hey guys

    why limit hero lvl to only 100 ?? i am playing speed server which have been going on for 18 days and there are already people who have above lvl 80 ..so why limit hero lvl cap???

    dont place a maximum level on heroes and let us give him strength and resource point for unlimited amount , as game progresses, heroes strenght point become worthless in battles ... so why cap his strength and resource level?? after all resources would become abundant as game progresses too..

    and why hero doesnt gain medal as he levels up?

  • After he hits 101, I can't see any reason why they don't allow you to shove more into hero strength, it's not as if the extra 100's per level up are gonna matter too much, it also stops this arguement of being pointless.

    Allowing off/def bonus will be overpowered. Allowing resources may be an option.

    Seems easier than any other solution. A little bit of code of if hero stats = 100 in each, allow further level ups into hero strength. I doubt it'll be quite that simple though

  • I've heard from a serious player that every levels past 100 reduce the cost and the time of hero resurection.

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