Android App Changelog: #1.2-16 - Building queue and tribute collection

  • Dear players,

    thank you for playing Travian Kingdoms! In our latest update, we mainly focused on the improving the building queue and the tribute collection. Make sure that your app is updated to see all the changes live!


    • Building queue: We changed the behavior of the level borders to match it with the browser version. When a building is currently leveled up and you have still empty slots in the building queue, the suitable buildings for this empty slot are shown with a green border now.
    • Building queue: We changed the level border behavior to align it with the behavior in the browser version. When the building queue is full, every building that you can upgrade and have enough resources to do so, will be shown with a golden border now.
    • Building queue: We now added a button to reserve resources for buildings in the building queue
    • Tribute Collection: We have shown tributes that are out of reach of the king or duke. These tributes are not part of the tributes list anymore.

    Bug fixes:

    • Building queue: Romans have two building slots in their building queue. We fixed a bug so that Roman players can use and fill both slots within the app.
    • Hero styles: The new hero styles from the tribe contests on com2 and com4 weren’t shown in the app. Now you can see them there, too.
    • Android 7: In this version, it wasn't possible anymore to cancel a level up in the building queue. This is fixed now.
    • Daily quests: Sometimes, the daily quest list was not displayed. It is now.
    • Vice Kings: Vice kings couldn’t activate a treasury via app. Now, they can do so.
    • Language: When the language you are using on your phone is not supported, we will use English as general fallback language now and not Swedish anymore since we realized that there are not so many people understanding it.
    • Denying tributes: We fixed some bugs that occurred when denying tributes
    • A couple of minor bug fixes and performance improvements

    What do you think of these changes? Let us know in a post below!

    Your Travian Kingdoms team