Regaining health points

  • How do you regain health points. I figurd out how to revive my hero but how do I regain strength. Buying ointment at auction can't be the only way or else I'll go broke.

  • Your hero naturally gains 15 hp every day

    Outside of that you have the direct options of
    1) using ointments you buy or gain from adventures
    2) using HP regen boosting gear that you buy or get from adventures

    Additionally you can indirectly "heal" the hero by

    1) not taking as much damage (taking better fights, not using the hero as much)
    2) increasing the hero strength trough items and levels
    3) using damage negating gear you buy or find on adventures

    Lastly you can also fully heal your hero with the use of the bucket or revive trough resource which means you can squeeze out lot more use out of the hero HP by first using the hero till the HP is nearly all gone and then dying in a big way.

    Hero HP tends to only be a big deal in the early game when you get fed with so many adventure points all while your hero power is very low. As the game progresses adventures are generated more slowly (about once per day) and you can also save some to use when the better equipment unlocks so you tend to be HP positive (as in you regain more than you lose on an average day) from mid game onward.

  • Hello there,

    @Curtain 's answer is very useful. If you want more information, one of the TK game designers wrote a beginners' guide and included a few tips about this very same topic. You can read his tips about health and early adventures in the blog by clicking here.