can somoneone help me understand this mess

  • Why you lose

    1. Outnumbered THEY HAVE 25K ARMY WHAT DO YOU EXPECT and 1 TK Nearly equal to 4 Clubs. So basically What you are fighting are close to 40K clubs strength -___________-
    2. Clubs LVL20
    3. Siege Bonus 30%
    4. Hero Bonus 20%
    5. Brewery Bonus 20%

    So basically that is teuton strength now you

    1. 8K Phal + 60% Wall + 10% Water + 20 %


    Do the math bro. I see you keep complaining over Teutons. Why don't you try playing it. Im sure you will " love" it :)

  • The Gaul player is heavily outnumbered 37k to just 8k, even if the gaul troops are upgraded well it won't change the fact that there is just massive advantage in numbers.
    Now this isn't how the fights actually work but by the looks the teuton lost about 20% of his army to kill an army that was 20% his size. That doesn't seem too far off to me. Additionally to say how effective the defense was, both players lost nearly equal resources (minus the buildings of course) despite the defender being outnumbered 1:5

  • The fact the a four times larger army strength wise loses 18% of his army just tells how much better defending is compared to attacking.
    Could always send a siege I guess, but with travel time doubling, it just gives way too much time to gather more defenses.
    It´s really hard to play offence successfully now a days