why players are only defending treasury ?

  • hi again :D

    another rant heheh

    recently i was in ranked 1 alliance and all they cared of was their precious treasury ... no one was defending their own villages or their teammates anymore, all the efforts were sent to this broken concept called treasury,leaving empty bases to be raided for resources .. and if u dare to voice ur opinion, they went on offensive and were like we dont give a damn about u, all that we care is to protect our treasury ...

    is this what travian is all about now? protecting treasury??what happened to those good old days where players rushed to help and defend each other basis ?where is the teamwork?

    and when u call for help no one attacks the player who is robbing ur villages, they tell u " his hammer is needed to attack enemies treasury to get us treasures" .... its all about treasures ....!!!

    change the name of the game and call it "my precious treasures !!"

  • Treasures are what you need to accumulate points to win the game.

    Sure, defend a player when you aren't going to leave your TEAM'S treasures to be taken.

    Your team was rank 1 for a reason.

    Also your opinion is not coming from knowledge of winning the game, so that might be a good reason why they aren't liking it.

    If you're not playing to win the game, why keep score?

  • the system is broken dude , u can send fake siege attacks all day long creating chaos in the alliance forcing it to call for defense ,doing so will force the players not to defend their own city against incoming real enemy attacks... this way their villages turn into farms ...and as a defensive player u cant attack the guy whose attacking u , u should kiis another players ass to send an attack on that target which most probably wont attack him ,instead they are going to attack the treasury to get more treasures..

    its all about the precious treasures ...

  • u call couple of 999clubs with 1 ram a real siege attack ? its a fake one and doesnt need 40 to 60 k defensive troops stationed to take care of this force

    I'm aware if that fake dude, still it was sooo fancy for me :D

    If that was me, I just send 44 cheapest troops and 1 catapult. It mooooree cheap than that 'fancy fake siege attack'.

  • Sadly most times this strategy works because a lot of players often go straight for the treasury villages. And with a kingdom of random players its nearly impossible to analyse the incoming attacks properly or to split the available def properly.
    With a well organized kingdom and a off operation planner who knows what hes doing its often easy to take out even much bigger kingdoms because you can take out player after player with minimum losses while all the def is somewhere somewhere in the treasury villages.

  • I can tell that you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer, hellhound, so today is your lucky day. I'm going to tell you what you need to do.

    1. Establish cordial relations with nearby allies;
    2. Agree a mutual defence pact;
    3. Make sure you're all sitting for each other;
    4. All build troops 24/7;
    5. Profit!

    So easy is Travian.

  • I should note that while the topic is largely exageration or coming from very poorly organized kingdom there is a hint of truth here why certain targets are defended above others.

    First of all as others have already mentioned, treasuries are both very likely targets but also much more important than most other villages thanks to the fact that treasures are what ultimately win you the game.
    Beyond this there are other reasons though (in no particular order of importance)

    Most of the time treasuries are held by very active people with known defense structures and if nothing else king and other dukes can see the defense of all treasuries making them have certain reliability over governor villages
    Treasuries are likely to have high amounts of standing defense combined with maxed out defensive structures which make them perfect places to stage a fight
    Treasuries are guaranteed to be inside borders so many people see the incoming attack which isn't always the case with other villages
    Treasures contribute VP, crop and crop for governors making them important even in the short term

    How ever perhaps the most important reason is that so long as the fighting parties are mostly even in size (as in attacker isn't more than twice as strong) defense will always win if the fight is a straight up brawl. This means that attackers have to actively avoid defense and straight up trying to destroy a player is very obvious which usually leads to the swift destruction of the attacking forces. Sure the attack might pass once or twice but keep trying and sooner or later the wall comes and the fun stops. This leads to attacks being sort of a cat and mouse game and usually breaches in defenses only last few hours tops which isn't enough to repeat the attack outside of very few cases. If you can only buy yourself entry to the enemy villages once, attacking a players 4th village and destroying 6 buildings will sting but it's nothing an account can't recover from. Meanwhile breaching a treasury even just once might lead to the loss of thousands of treasures and months of work for the entire kingdom.

    More over actually truly defeating a player is nearly impossible. Even an large scale attack usually isn't enough to outright destroy a village (let alone a capital with stonemason) and if so many waves are used as to destroy the village in one go then snipes will become very effective tool in defending.
    If the village isn't destroyed in one go, active players can easily emergency repair the damage before next attack wave of same caliber could ever come (meaning fresh lvl 20 wall, rubbles removed and fresh lvl 1 buildings constructed in their place)

    If you find yourself not getting help after several attacks here are some things you might be doing wrong

    0) you might not have asked at all
    1) not asking nicely
    2) mistreating the defense you were given previously
    3) you might be asking defense too late so it can't arrive in time

    For 0 and 1 you just gotta be active in chat, explain the situation calmly to your king, active duke or nearby strong defense player
    For 2 you must always use the defense you do get with respect, have high level wall, don't defend fights you know you will lose with someone elses units and such
    For 3 defense takes time to arrive and if you aren't there when the attack starts each passing minute reduces the chances of defense being organized. Help yourself by helping the team by getting yourself sitters who can call defense for you, get standing defense for close by attackers, organize a trap for enemy armies and try to be active around the time you think you might get attacked.

    Of course lot of other things in play, but activity, respect and good play usually leads to good defense response as well. Each situation is different though so consider why in your situation the defense isn't coming and what can you do to change that.

  • Indeed, cause they make you win. The real challenge is to force the ennemy not to defend treasury.

    easy farm their villages which will be undefended then people like me get pissed and delete their account ,thats what i did on my last server , kingdom was so busy protecting their precious treasures that all of the villages were getting farmed and they werent doing a damn thing about it , not even attacking enemy villages

    as a defensive player who only relies on the village income to train troops , my options are limited so if i loose a village i loose a large portion of my basic income stream

    and i cant defend a normal 4446c village against massive 11115c village army .. so its a loose loose situation

    if u experienced players have some advice for a defensive player am all ears

  • I dont think i have enough information to correctly judge the situation but i'll try anyway.

    If you play alone, hide the troops you are producing until you reach a size able to defeat the player raiding you. IF you are gaul, use traps. Get the capacity to produce around 500 traps (depending on the attacking force) and build them in one shot while puting your def in place.

    During the time you are hiding your troops, build like 4 lvl of residence and 3-4 lvl of wall. See if it inflicte some losses. If they send cata and ram, let them pass by one time to see what they bring, and see if you can defend against the second time.

    Use travian+ to set up commercial road to save your ressources if you have a safe village to hide them. And Use cranies in combination with commerceial road to hide 1-2k of each ressources on the villages being harassed, this way you wont loose anything.

    If all your village are getting attacked, every day aroung the same hours by the same player or by multiple players, then you are in deep trouble unless your kingdom help you. Provide them all the informations you have with details and clarity.
    You stated that they are doing nothing, and i dont really know why it is the case. Maybe you are part of a big meta and they are reluctant to spend some time fixing everyone problems, maybe they dont like you, or peraps you where rude with them.
    Even if they dont listent to you, try to speak directly with individual player, and even to some of other kingdom. Maybe the guy attacking you has others ennemies, it is worth a shot.

    When they send multiple waves of cata to you villages, see if they all arrive in the same second. If not, try to put some def between.

    This is all the advices i have for now.

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  • Pah. All good ideas, but if you're reduced to taking these steps you are in a lousy Kingdom. While Treasuries must be defended, other villages can be defended. All that needs to happen is for people to work together.

    Take the Test server before last. For some time we were in a small Kingdom being attacked by a larger Kingdom, but we set sitters and worked together. I wasn't even a deffer, but several hammers died in my villages.