Changelog 0.87 – no default attack

  • Dear players,

    In this update, we roll out the long-requested rally point adjustment, where no default attacks are set.
    The update will take place on Tuesday, May 8th at 2:00 pm CEST. Downtime will last less than 20 minutes. Please plan your crop demands accordingly.


    • Rally point: As discussed with you in the forum, [Rally Point 2.0 - We want your ideas!] we got rid of the default troop movements and you can now set it on your own.
    • Player-hates-king status: Ever wondered why some players are not under the influence of their nearest king, thus creating holes within kingdom territories? This is because those players hate the king as a result of direct attacks. We've changed the mechanics so that the king's influence is restored as soon as these players become inactive.

    Bug fixes:

    • Relocation with tributes: When a player relocated with tributes in their tribute fund, they would lose them on the way, meaning the new king wouldn't receive these tributes after the relocation. This has been changed and we've recruited special guards who protect the tributes while moving to another place on the map.
    • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

    Have you ever heard of players hating their kings? What do you think of the rally point improvement? Let us know in the comments.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • I could see that in my square. The troops are no longer sent by default, it requires first selecting what type of shipment it is. I really like that feature. This way mistakes are avoided. Some players who had not noticed, pressed again and again and the troops did not leave. It is a very good idea.

    The other change I could not experience because I love my king.

  • The rally point improvement of no default troop movement is really very useful.

    i once sent all my troops and forgot to select the attack type, and then kept wondering for 2 days, where i forgot my troops :P

    so silly of me.

  • Yes I hate the King the system says I have to pay tribute to. We shouldn't have to pay tribute to nearest King & be able to choose which of the closest we want & the boarders should change accordingly.