New server/Special server

  • Hello there support guys I come up with idea, and I speak in the name of all my friends who play this game and many more other players that are experienced and old players.

    I am enjoying this game very much and I bring many friends into this game and bulk of them like it and keep playing it.

    As for now, we do not have our own server,
    (Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/Montenegro/Bulgarian/Slovenian/Macedonian etc)

    So many of us wondered if there is a chance we can get at least one server for us all in terms of a Balkan server, because all the country listed above are part of Balkan peninsula. I believe it will be more played because it will represent some sort of international server with mixed elements of local servers. And I am sure that many many many players will join and keep playing the server.

    I see on Travian Legends there is already similar thing with most of the country listed above have their own server and in Serbian list there is Balkan special server.

    Please think about it I strongly believe it will bring much players and with that much profit. Feel free to comment and give your opinion and I will appreciate if this post get some support. Love you all and have fun!

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  • I like the idea of more servers. Id like to have an Baltic one. The problem with lack of baltic players in kingdoms in my opinion is that its not well know that Kingdoms even exist. Most of my friends who play legends or played it before don't even know anything about kingdoms. Making kingdoms more popular in advertising might do the trick.

  • @Knez thank you for spreading your love for Travian Kingdoms. We are actually working on improving our international game rounds, but it is not planned atm to add new languages. We have heard the wish for a combined Balkan world before and we keep it in mind, though.

    @tomzaz#EN Yes, we learned from our mistakes and included Travian Kindoms on the new Travian Legends page that introduces the other Travian Games: moregames

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  • @Boki#COM Like I said above, we are currently not adding new languages to Travian Kingdoms. We know the community wish for a Balkan world. That means to add these languages first and we have no plans at the moment to do so.

    I hope, this answers your open questions,

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  • It is enough to add only English server as universal for Balkan on start, and later you can add Serbian as most common and then others... It is just about do you guys want to have Balkan server not can you do it, because you can.