why were getting less adventures as server ages?

  • hi guys

    so today i noticed we are getting less adventures per day as server ages... its hasnt been 1 month yet since the server 8 started and were getting only 1 adventure point per day... is this some kind of a joke??!!!

    going to adventure is always fun and filled with mysteries and excitement... yet the game developers clearly dont care about that excitement which going to adventure provides to the players.. ><QQ!!

    plus long adventure is so broken and not worth choosing it over short adventure...when a player chooses long adventure he should get way better rewards than short adventure...

    man i really wanna love this game, however as i play i am finding so hard to keep loving the game.. as if the developers intentionally are creating obstacles to make this game harder to play by the new comers ...the game lacks so many important features !!

    when i returned to this game after 10 years break i was expecting a vast improvements on so many levels..sadly i am disappointed of what am seeing here ....from lack of new races.. to lack of implementation new ideas which can make this game great ... to a broken mobile app...i mean seriously people nowadays are spending way less time in front of their pc ...the mobile phone is the new pc ...yet the game crashes every time i use the app..and to be honest the app doesnt stand a chance in front of other mobile strategy games like clash of kings,vikings and many more out there

    the number of people who play this game is shrinking with every server :S ...they arent trying to acquire new player base ... and with lack of innovation people are getting bored of playing with the same races and implementing the same strategies on every server

    the server starts with 2-3000 players after 1 week the server would have already lost 1000 players at least .. thats almost 33 to 45 % of the servers population... and its a major problem.. this can be due to so many factors like bad location on the map, lack of 9 -15 croppers which most probably will be occupied within the first 2 days ...lack of right oasis ..

    my point from writing this small rant is to try to give a wake up call to the developers to listen to their audience before its too late ...we want new innovations within the game !

  • when i returned to this game after 10 years break

    If you have alreday played travian 10 years ago you are probably playing the wrong game here. You have played the now named "Travian Legends" which still exists. That may explain why you dont like so many things here because Kingdoms is a totally different game and most people coming over from Legends dont like it. You should try Legends.

  • i dont understand how u guys think to be honest ... here i am trying to lay down a critical problem which this game is facing like loosing 40 % of player base after 14 days of the server... like com 8 started 15 days ago now it has a total number of players registered 3500 out of which 2000 are only active ... ..if this number isnt alarming to u than i have no words to u all

  • As the others said, if you dont like this game, find another one :)
    The COM8 is not a good example, it has lower population than usual, COM5 will start in a few days, im sure more people will join that one.
    Also, it always happen that a lot of players go inactive the first weeks of the servers, there may be players trying new strategies and then stopping playing (I have done this a couple of times), there may be players that are new to the game and dont like it so they stop playing, there are players that only make troops the first week and if they loose them, they stop playing.... soo many reasons.
    Besides, grey villages (inactive players) are a key part of travian, they are easy farms, and most of the time a big part of the farmlist of everybody....
    I am pretty sure the developers would like to have more people playing, that means more money for them.... if you know how to increase the player base, contact the developers, maybe they can even hire you XD

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  • It has always been like this, only with bigger numbers. In the old days a new server maybe had 25k players but after a few weeks, 10k were inactive and it ended with maybe 5k or less.

    ur numbers clearly point out my concern .. the number has decreased from 20-30 k to 2-3 k within last couple of years ... numbers dont lie. loosing 40 to 50 % of the player base within first 2 weeks of a server which has 6 months life cycle says that we have a major problem .. let alone loosing so many player base over the last few years ... if this trend continues the number would shrink to 1k per server if not less ...

  • The main reason for the decline is the amount of games out there, people have much more choice in what they choose to play now than they ever had 10-15 years ago (there have never large numbers on kingdoms like there used to be in Travian 3.6 edition) remember this game is officially still in it's beta edition.

    Travian is further diluted by there now being kingdoms and legends platforms & then a lot of the inactives you see never actually started playing properly, some left their acc on day one (I guess these are randoms multi-accounts) those have always happened too.
    & com8 is a new server, so now the same amount of players have a bigger choice, which again can have an effect.

    All this does not stop players developing their accounts and having fun though & .com servers are more populated than most national ones.

    To answer the question about hero adventures getting less (Main title) it is programmed this way & that is always the case too, it's up to you to develop your account so that you are not reliant on the game supporting you, you must find ways either via production or farming to be able to look after yourself & start looking for real action with other players rather than have all your action computer generated for you.
    If you cannot achieve this, or cannot cope playing a game that is 24/7 live then that really isn't the developers fault, so please stop with this kind of post & try to be more constructive in the future. :)

  • In my opinion one of the biggest issues that caused travian lose lots of players, was that the developers were not fast enough to adapt the game to the app, when the app era started travian lost a lot of players due to this.
    and still they dont adapt and the app is quite bad(even if it has improved since last year)
    well this is my opinion.
    anyway, I fully agree with Pob, constructive critics, are ususally better received by the community and by devs :)

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  • I would expect a reason why the amount of adventures declines is so that starting late can help you catch up faster.

    If it's a continuous set of 2/day as an example, if you start a server 10 days late, you're 20 adventures behind. so in 10 days more you'll be 20 out of 40 possible.

    The current method of 3/day for 1 week then 1/day after (i dont know exact numbers but this feels correct). 24/34
    3adv/day x 7 days + 13 days to total 20 = 34 total (just highlighting maths used to get to 34), 24 = 3adv x 7days + 1adv x 3 days.

    As you can see from that maths, it's good for new players with the current method. As new players are more likely not starting at day 1.

    I would personally agree the amount of adventures seems a bit small though. Bonus day on saturday or sunday where you get extras?