Gaul Veterans/Newbies discussion and contest

  • Dear players, As part of the Gaul contest, we recently asked you to name your villages after Vercingetorix to unlock prizes on COM5. We know some of you always play with Gauls, whereas others have never played with this tribe, so we're encouraging our most veteran Gaul players to help our newbies in this contest. Gaul veterans:

    • Share your tips as Gauls! What do you wish you had known about the Gauls since the beginning?
    • Answer the other players' questions! Be helfpul and share your knowledge!
    • Tell us your best strategy for the early game!

    Gaul beginners:

    • Ask your questions!
    • Share your learnings!

    To win, you just have to participate in this thread! Those that help the most (Ask interesting questions, answer other players' questions, share some tips, presents an awesome guide...) will get Gold prizes! Our internal jury will select these posts. We have 5x50 Gold to share with those that participate. Please note that the gold will given next Monday (29-05-2018), but you are welcome to continue the discussion further and we might revisit the thread later on with more prizes. Thank you and have fun! Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • So, here my little tips:
    Gauls are the safer starting tribe due to his unique building: the trapper.
    Before your beginners protection is over, build around 80-100 traps, and you will be safe from those clubbies trying to catch your resources, and specially from the most annoying thing ( in my opinion) early game: hero bombing.
    They are also a very versatile tribe, you can play deff, with little or zero rading (phallanxs are great!)
    or you can play off with a very active raiding account (TT speed is awesome)

    Average player proud to be part of BM

  • Hello

    Playing my first server now and started as gaul and i do not regret it.

    Did not get attacked earlygame becaus trapper, high level of wall and alote of phalanex. The loss of raiding you is to big. And as mention above they try to herobomb you... great feeling haveing a hero sitting in you'r traps.
    Phalanex is excellent to spam becaus of it's short training time. Only problem is that it will cost mostly clay, try to find a Roman within you'r kingdom and trade iron for clay with him. They want the iron ;)
    I have been useing Haenduan's for clearing robbercamps and mobile cav defence.

    The Druid is great mobile defence (inf/cav) per crop/h to reatch those attacks that your phalanex cant reatch. They are expensive, but you get the advantage of mobility.
    TT's are great for farming the whole game, from early to late.

    Have looked around on the forums, and people claiming phalanex is useless becaus of pred/spear combo is better. I do not agree with that statment, at war you can never have to mutch defence, and the phalanex usualy comes in the biggest numbers.
    At WW stage of the game fill you'r barracks with Phalanex and dont stopp!

    I chose Gaul mainly becaus of Phalanex and TT's. Best defence and raiding unit in the game.

  • Gauls are in my opinion very versatile and when I play Gauls I never have the feeling of wishing I was playing other tribe right now. With Romans you can be left feeling underwhelmed if your early game is bad but Gauls have great personal defense, trapper and cheap offense to push trough even toughest early games. With Teutons you can feel like you lack raiding options and late game if you get a good start but with Gauls TT's will ensure you stay on top of the farm lists and Druids and Headuans offer great luxury options.

    For aspiring defenders focus your production on Phalanx with one stack of Druidriders once you have several villages established. Phalanx creates fast and works well against all attackers so they will form the core of your defense army. Druidriders are powerfull units you want to add to the mix when you can afford them. They cost a bit more than the Phalanx but offer great speed to get into every fight when you are needed so training one group of them (say in your capital) is advised. The bulk of your forces should still be Phalanx though. Outside of that you want to maintain a small offense force to kill robbers. Swords are cheap and effective, TT's can be used to farm with and Haeduans can be used to defend with. Choose one or two of these units and try to maintain a force that can comfortably beat the robbers every time they spawn in. As a dedicated defense account you can mostly ignore workshop units but make sure to build at least one ram to enable siege mode attacks against the Robbers and perhaps later add some catapults so you can fake or even participate in offense operations in supportive roles!
    If you have the time and will for it, consider raiding with the Theutates Thunders as well.

    For the offense Gauls Swords and TT's are your best friends. TT's raid very effectively and can be used to do lightning fast attacks on the enemies (especially Teutons) by themselves if necessary. Headuan is more expensive cavalry option that I recommend only if you are very comfortable with the game and perhaps play as a duke or king. Gauls will typically focus on Catapults along with Romans while the Teutons handle the ramming but if your kingdom is short on Teutons don't be afraid to build rams instead and act as your teams cleaner. What is perhaps most important is to not ignore your workshop, no matter if you build Rams or Catapults make sure your workshop is working on one of them. And army without rams or catapults is not utilizing it's full potential and the forums are often filled with fail attacks that lack proper rammers so don't be one of those guys!

    Gaul special building is the Trapper which is most powerful early game building in the game. The idea of a Trapper alone is often enough to discourage most attacks even if you don't actually have it but the building is cheap so I recommend getting one on low level in every village especially early game. That being said don't get lulled into false sense of security with the Trapper. It's primary function is a deterrent. It won't stop dedicated attackers by itself so make sure to keep your defenses and wall up to date. Additionally as time goes on the army sizes increase, which decreases the effectiveness of the Trapper. After all trapping 70 out of the 500 enemies is much more impactful than trapping 200 out of 5000.

    Generally speaking Gaul troops are very efficient offering high total stats for low cost across the board with high versatility and high speed. Gaul cavalry is fastest in the game and Gaul offense units have the highest defense values in the game which helps if your offense gets caught in the line of fire (you should try sending your offense out to long raids on small grey villages every time you log out of the account for long times though to avoid it happening).

    Gaul wall is a in between version of Romans and Teutons. It's not quite as sturdy as the Teuton wall or offer quite has high defense bonus as the Roman wall but it does both things adequately well and I personally rank it as best wall for governors and second best for kings and dukes (after Teutons).

    Gaul is an excellent choice for multitude of situations, be it beginner or master, hyperactive raider or log in every 3 days type of a player. The tribe offers options for them all

  • I've played Teutons for almost 1 full round now, and i'm considering playing as Gaul on the next server i'm going to play on. How is the crop consumption for gauls? is it as high as teutons? also is it worth having a big cavalry instead of just phalanx if distance aren't a problem?

  • I've played Teutons for almost 1 full round now, and i'm considering playing as Gaul on the next server i'm going to play on. How is the crop consumption for gauls? is it as high as teutons? also is it worth having a big cavalry instead of just phalanx if distance aren't a problem?

    If you are building defense for WW then phalanx only.

    Otherwise i go for maximum defensive output and that includes lvl 20 Stables.

    On my last Gaul account i had lvl 20 Stables and Barracks in all 9 villages/cities training 24/24.That allowed me to pump about 35k troops a day(crop/hr) and reinforce 200-400 inactives at any given time.Withdrawing and raiding the inactives gave me enough resources to keep training 24/24 and made me no. 1 top defender and no.1 top robber several weeks in a row.Also,fueled my economy to be the biggest account on the server.This with 200k defense and about 5k TTs..

    Just to give you an idea of what can be accomplished with Gauls.The best defensive tribe by a long margin.The speed you can train raw defense numbers(druids+phalanxes) is unmatched by the other tribes(Teutons come close,Romans are far behind).

    If you are a lower level player/less committed then it's still better to set up defensive nodes since it's much easier to upgrade smithy and other infrastructure in one village than more.It also makes life easier when defending yourself,transferring resources,NPcing .Upgrading 1/2 of your villages to cities(and lvl 12 fields) is also much easier than having 2x villages with lvl 20 Barracks.I'm talking quality of life here,not pure efficiency.

    As for crop consumption,that's entirely up to you.You press the train button and you know best how much of a burden this is on your economy or how many troops you really need and when.

  • @majus#NO

    In terms of Offense Gauls are much closer to Romans than they are to Teutons. Swordsman is almost as good as Imperian (65 vs 70) while being significantly better than the Clubs (40) or even Axes (60) on unit to unit basis.
    For the cavalry side Gauls are slightly weaker than Teutons and lot weaker than Romans after they get their HDT up. What's important though is that lot of your power comes from Swordsmen training much quicker than Imperians which brings up the crop efficiency of your army a lot. In fact Gaul barracks makes nearly 50% more offense in any given time than the Roman one which gives Gaul armies quite nice crop efficiency.

    For defense the Phalanx is slightly worse in terms of crop efficiency than the Spears and Praetorians, but the difference is pretty marginal and especially against Romans basically negated entirely because of the cheap price of the unit to begin with. Phalanx also train by far the fastest of the 3 base defense units and share the speed 7 with the spears so they get to fights often enough to not be a burden on your economy. Perhaps most importantly the Druidrider is the fastest defense unit (some might say only worthwhile defense cavalry unit) in the game so with them you are sure to never have problems with not getting to use your defense :D

    For offense in regards of crops Romans > Gauls >> Teutons
    For defense the tribes are nearly equal in terms of crops with each having their own weakness and strength.

    also is it worth having a big cavalry instead of just phalanx if distance aren't a problem?

    Technically speaking if you are 100% sure that you can always react to attacks in time then Phalanx is almost always the better option to Druids. The only category where Druids win out is Infantry defense per crop consumed while Phalanx win out in Infantry defense per resource, as well as total defense per resource or crop. That being said Druids are such a good unit that you definitely want to build a stack of them, just don't start them super early game but maybe around 4th or 5th village if the situation is as you describe it. Druids main advantage is the speed. There will be cases when you need to help someone but just can't quite make there with Phalanx and that's when the Druids come in. You can minimize the times you need to resort to Druids though by being active and getting 2 sitters that can send your defense while you sleep :)

    Haeduan is also a cavalry defender option but he is a very specialized unit when defending. His main power is to counter cavalry only attackers who try to use speed to prevent you from defending. Haeduan are only really suitable either as a luxury unit when resources are plenty (late game, or when king or duke) OR if you utilize their hybrid nature by also clearing robbers with them. A good strategy especially late game for full defense player is to use their capital to train Phalanx and Haeduan, that way you never have to stop to make swords and your Haeduan can still be used to bolster defense when needed or to intercept attacking cavalry. This has the added bonus of making your "army" really strong if it ever gets caught home as Haeduan double as defense unit and Phalanx of course are defense to begin with. This composition offers a nice surprise to anyone trying to attack you blindly ;)

    Should also be noted that often times you might get so rich in resources that you simply need to use your stables to pump defense, in those situation it's ok to start one or two or as many additional Druid stacks as you need to

  • If you have the time and will for it, consider raiding with the Theutates Thunders as well.

    For me the raiding ability of the TT's is really what sets Gauls ahead of the other tribes and always has me wishing in the mid-game that I was playing Gauls instead of some other tribe.

    They can loop around and raid the inactive players so much quicker than anything else (especially if you build up your Tournament Square) and, if you are active and use the farming lists well, you can easily get the same farming income as the other tribes with less troops.

    But the real strength can come from teaming up as a Gaul with an experienced attacker and working as a team. The larger hammers can clear out the armies of cities, leaving them open for quick moving TT's to hit them over and over keeping their resources down before they are able to build up resources again or get reinforcements from somewhere else.

    If you get smart at figuring out when players are online or not, you can do some real damage with a decent TT raiding army.