Ability to Position Already Built Buildings

  • Hi everyone,
    "Ability to position already built buildings." It would be great to have the opportunity to position buildings in chiefed villages as you want and as you are used to. After you chief a village, there is so much chaos in it and the only solution is to delete those buildings and build them elsewhere. For a player, who played building strategies it would make so much difference to be able to position already built buildings where he wants to, because the looks of a village do matter for some people.

    Its not quite TOP 10 improvement, but I would really appreciate it. :rolleyes:

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  • Hey @Medz
    this is already on the improvements list of our developers, but unfortunately we don't have an ETA for the implementation yet. I'll let you know as soon as we have some more information regarding this feature

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  • I'm sure they could offer it to you at a cost of gold :D

    they could call it a "Re-Decorating" fee

    And that would be fine with me.
    It is only cosmetic and it seems that some ppl are willing to pay for it, so why not make them pay gold for it :)