Raiding strategy

  • Guys Most of the top attackers are top raiders also. Can anyone explain the raiding strategy? Raiding involving the math.
    Some questions
    How many to send? village Population 0-100, above 100, above 200, 200-500, above 500, above 1000
    Whom to raid? Inactives Actives Mixture
    Farms or being farmed? This question is very vital; no one wants to be farmed. Thus the question if player is being farmed "Dont they delete?" Ultimately we dont have income at all.
    Now another question "Is there any tool that can deliver farm list from the getter-tools directly to kingdoms' farmlist?

  • >How many to send
    There isn't a strict number, sometimes a 200 pop village is your best farm and that 1500 pop capital doesn't give anything, it all depends how much the village produces, how many crannies there are and how many other people are raiding the target.

    It's good idea to start out with 2 as that should survive empty villages and even some low level residence and wall combos. Test a list out once and then separate the green reports into your normal farm lists, yellow reports (where one dies) probably have higher level residence so you might want to either clear it out or send stronger or more units to that farm and for reds (both units died) you can try scouting to see if there are units or very high level residence + wall and if necessary clear the target out.
    After that the amount you send is just dependent on how much your units bring back, how many units you actually have available and how often you can send and to a lesser extent what unit you are using to raid (110 carry capacity paladins vs 60 capacity clubs for example)

    >Whom to raid
    Farming grey players is easy and pretty low risk. It's the entry level to farming and usually should be done by anyone who wants to farm. That being said rewards are largely dependent on the amount of effort you are willing to spend creating lists and sending them out
    Farming active or at least non grey players is higher risk as not only is there a risk that the player comes back and kills your units but non grey villages give reports to kings inside their borders so someone might monitor your attacks and defend them even if the player in question is inactive. Finding good active farms is challenging but the rewards are high as you often times might be the only person farming that particular player

    >Farms or being farmed?
    If you don't want to play a server you should in my opinion delete but you can always just choose to remain to either help out your former team by being a farm or to provide some good chiefing locations. Lot of people will always go grey during a server as especially first timers don't really care what happens to their account after they decide to quit

    >Tool for farming
    There isn't
    The closest you can get are tools that find the farms for you trough the official API and allow you to sort and filter them but you still have to add them into your own ingame lists manually.

  • Curtain thank for the answer
    I have asked this question: I analyzed the top raider they sent troops like 20 clubs plus 5 teutonic knights
    I have gone through many raiding guides
    Though it is not good strategy the easiest way to raid is to make Kingdoms, who let the raiders to let the known raiders to raid them In this scenario only 20-30 fully upgraded villages will be sufficient
    Still if i am missing something that need to be top raider without devising other ways, important strategy are welcome
    Like me, many are eager to know what they are lacking to be in top Raider