Local domains work together for victory: unlocking all hero styles everywhere

  • Dear players,

    As you know, we recently had a contest for each tribe in different international game worlds (COM2, COM4 and COM5). After reaching the goals of each of these game worlds, exclusive cosmetic items and an achievement were unlocked for the participants.

    Some of you gave us feedback that you wanted to have similar contests for local game worlds and that these new visual assets should also be usable in the other game worlds. We have heard you and we’re happy to announce the following contest: You can unlock the new hero styles for everyone in every game world! This means they will no longer be attached to a single game world and will be interchangeable in any. The catch? It will require hard work from the local communities!

    Local domains work together for victory: On Tuesday, July 24th, 11 local game worlds will start. Each of these rounds will have their own tribe contest. To unlock the rewards, 6 out of 11 domains must successfully reach their contest goals.

    Which contest? Well, YOU decide which tribe fights for the honor of your community!

    • Roman contest: Have more Romans than Gauls or Teutons in the game world.
    • Teuton contest: The top10 Robbers of the week have more Teuton players than any other tribe.
    • Gaul contest: 555 villages are named ending with the suffix “-ix.”

    The contests goals must be met by the final day, August, 7th. There is a poll in the forum section of each local domain running until June, 11th where players can choose which contest they want to have in their game world starting on July 24th. If at least 6 domains meet their goals, we will release all the new hero styles for everyone in every game world, including international.

    If you’re part of one of the local communities, make your vote count and help us unlock the new assets for all!! :thumbsup:

    Your Travian Kingdoms team

  • You should play only in your local one, according to your nickname, the Italian event. It will happen in IT5 :)

    Don't forget to vote in the Italian forum for what tribe contest you want there! :thumbsup:

  • No, you only need to achieve one goal in IT5. You decide which goal (which contest) for your domain on the local poll.

    For example, the Italian community decides they want to name 555 villages ending in -ix- They do this and they win. Italians have done their work.
    But the other communities have their own contest too. Germans, Czech, Polish... The rewards will only be unlocked if 6 out of 11 communities reach their goals.

    So at least half of the domains have to reach the goals, then everyone gets it. You can help in the Italian community, but not the others. (Or you can, if you speak or want to play in other languages) :P

    I hope that's a bit clearer. If not, ask me any questions you might have :)

  • Hi @matrix
    24th of July was the start date of the local game worlds that are participating in the contest and marks the beginning of it. The end date of the contest is 07.08 which is when the progress will be counted and the results will be announced shortly after.

    Best regards

  • Dear players,

    unfortunately only CZ2, IT5 and TR2 made it. Congratulations to these worlds!
    Since the requirement was that the majority of the local worlds should achieve their goal and sadly this is not the case, we are not going to roll out the new hero styles globally and there won't be any achievements granted.

    To reward the 3 worlds that made it, we decided to unlock the new hero styles but not the achievement for them.
    We will do so today (Wednesday Aug 8th) at 2 pm CEST

    Kind regards