Strategic treasures allocation

  • Treasures allocation
    Tight control versus loose control
    Generally treasures are allocated according to opening of treasury-slot-allocation
    Recently what i found in com2 treasures are allocated as tight control versus loose control
    Loose control
    Most kingsdoms from com2 has loose control as treasures are distributed proportionally; this type has been the typical way in the kingdoms
    Tight control
    Another kingdom has tight control The specific feature was centralized main treasury village with sparse treasures villages at periphery

    There are pros and cons of both system
    For tight control: the limitation is the number of defensive troops we can reinforce in the centralized village. This type can eat many hammers If mega defense can be trained in time this type takes away the pain of defending every treasury village
    For loose control: Proportionate defense in treasury village; there is flexibility of moving the treasures; however there is risk of gathering inadequate defense

  • It's likely also a matter of geography. It's easy and probably advisable to exercise the 'tight control' approach, if you happen to have a treasury which are far from your enemies. you then then build those - and it's easy to re-inforce with a lot of defence in case of incoming attacks.

    If all your treasuries are close to the enemy... then it depends.

    The problem is, that building treasuries takes time. And if you loose the buildings due to catapults, then you loose potentially a lot of victory points - even if you save the treasures in time.

    It's nice to have 1/3 of the kingdom's treasures stored 24h cata distance from the enemies:

    Berg-Schaka Wormelowe - Nimbus Note ;)