English as International

  • I'd just like to say that it's really annoying that the only English servers are international. Often times, the most logical group for you to join is a group that can't speak English very well, and in the end you have to use Google translate to communicate with the people that you MUST talk to in order to enjoy the game. This is not the case for a French speaker or German speaker -- who each have their own exclusive language servers.

    I don't play this game to learn new languages or bridge some cultural gap. I play it to try out strategy and compete. This is not a problem on Travian Legends, as there are two English-only domains. Also, TL does not necessitate you join someone merely based on proximity -- whereas Kingdoms often requires you to work with those in your area. I don't mind that, but when I have to do that AND they can't effectively communicate with me on the only server that I can read the in-game instructions -- it's incredibly frustrating. I have had several occasions where someone thought I was insulting them in chat, but I was making a joke or using some sort of idiom that they just didn't understand. It gets old fast...

  • I played on the last UK kingdoms server & although it was a good fight, there were under 200 players in the end, so it was discontinued

    Maybe you haven't found the right team yet, as I've never had a problem with international servers & have found most teams use "English" in their chats (apart from the Russians) even if it's not their native tongue, as it's the most globally used language and gives a team much better internal comms (those that don't are usually weaker because of it)

    I have massive respect for the players who use English even when it not their spoken language, it would be very easy to divide all teams if we let language get in the way.