TEST server explained

  • What is the difference between a test server and a normal one? Why is it (not) advised to play a test server and is everyone just having fun there or is there real competition?

  • clue is in the name really

    it's a server to test things on, changes that could be implemented on the game.
    there is good and bad to playing test servers, the competition is as fierce as a normal server. But they can be stopped at any time during the server, which isn't ideal if you like to see the end of a server

    the main reason for players playing them though is the free gold & gold restrictions in place there

  • Test server is as the name suggests a testing ground for new changes to kingdoms.

    The 2 main differences between a normal round and a test round is that
    1) Test server can end at any moment and could contain more bugs and new features might have issues that are fixed for the proper servers
    2) Everyone gets a set amount of gold semi regularly (especially if there are some nice posts for the gold fairy!)

    Reason number 2 is why some people prefer the test server to normal rounds as it does make everyone stand on much even grounds and allows people who otherwise couldn't buy gold to experiment with gold features
    Reason number 1 is why it's not recommend for beginners as it might be pretty sad to see a round end prematurely which can happen on test

    Additionally test is a speed round so it would be better if you compare it to a comX3. Speed or lack of speed can be critical for some players as well. Personally I prefer to stick to the slow rounds but there are others who never play the slow rounds as well. So if you like the speed rounds maybe give test a go, if you detest them test isn't for you :D