Best hero attributes mid- early- late

  • This highly depends on situation, playstyle and the like and cant be answered universally. Your best bet would be a bunch of books of wisdom to adapt to the current situation ofc, tho that requires quite some gold/silver as they tend to go up in prices till the majority of gold using players gets to lvl 25 (or 50, by then they usually are dirtcheap).

    If you cant get your hands on any book of wisdom (beside the one you get as part of the first 10 adventures), and you are either playing defensively or at least not attacking that much beside clearing robbers id go for a mix of strenght and resources with the most points in res. This way you make a solid amount of whatever resource/s you need right now and still wont be losing to much hp to robbers and in adventures (which i would save up from day 20ish on to save for tier2 anyway but thats a different story :D)
    If you are playing agressively or being a king (or any role) constantly under fire (and intend to def), you might need to go for some sort of power bonus (either raw strenght or one of the two %boni, but they are only worth it with higher amounts of troops, and by then you might be over 25 or 50 anyway). As a king (with more than 2 inactives and the testaccount :D) your income is done by taxes and your crop is at least somewhat increased by treasures anyway so losing on that 2k res/h isnt toooo much of a downer (although 2k crop is 2k crop^^). And as gov and duke you might want to rush at least 1k off troops to siege robbers anyway where the impact of the hero is nice to have but not necessary anymore

    with gold -> buy books and be flexible
    without gold and defensively/passively playing -> mainly/exclusively res
    without gold and attacking others/under attack by others -> mainly/exclusively damage (early hero strenght, later %off/deff + strengh or res)

  • Last servers I didn't used books at all.
    For me best way is
    1) 2/3 exp to Strength and 1/3 exp to resources (which gives You Strength with some light resources balancing);
    2) after full Strength grow attack OR defense (it depends on playing style off/def);
    3) finish resources
    4) finish attack OR defense (which wasn't improved in step 2)

    Some people prefer improve only resources until beginners protection (and heal hero after adventures/robbers) after beginners protection use book for strength.
    But for me it doesn't fit, as I loose beginners protection too soon :)

    And agree - 1k off for robber is a must asap (if You're not king)

    And of course it depends on Your style - if You grow large army (either off or def) early - It would be good to have Attack/Defense bonus,
    but if You prefer to build villages and grow army later - You need more Resources than Attack/Defense bonus

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  • if you have unlimited resources, meaning gold, put everything into res (and i do mean everything) - it will increase your 6% daily chests and overall resource production etc. if you are using your hero as a replacement for army you probably deserve to be farmed. downside is that the hero will lose a ton of health during adventures, but if u have a weapon and some regen items u wont suffer that bad, considering you also have buckets, ointments and whatever. next put everything into either off or def depending on your playstyle, then i guess strength

  • I am always going for str the first 20-30 days
    when i start to save adventures for day 40, i reskill on Resources or Offense depending on your playstyle (ress for defensive)
    Day 40 reskill on str, doing all adventures in the following days.
    About day 45 reskill on off and ress (at this moment you should be at least 30+ so you can take both)
    I am always doing some adventures as soon as health is 100% and save the rest for day 80
    If you dont have lvl 75 until day 80 reskill on str for the adventures.

    This will take about 3-5 books depending on day 80 reskill, if you dont have to, it takes only 3 books.
    As offensive player defense ist the last one to fill in with lvl 75

    As defense player it will get a bit costy, cause of using books for defenses.