Spy-glass Add on

  • I just got an funny thought that will make make strong team work even stronger.. and will make it more difficult to fake.

    All bigger ally know how to fake. have made the calculations and knowing how many troops that need to be added so it can not be discovered, but think if this magin could be adjusted when cooperating on a team ?

    If a player want to discover an attack, the calculator is Rally Point + Equipment (Spy-glass)

    What if 10 player all placed their hero in same village, and each of the added (Spy-glass)...

    at the moment it is only the owner of the settlement that will be able to see, based on the calculation.

    Suggestion is if other heros in the settlement has spy-glass on when the owner check the incoming then that will be added to the calculation.

    so if 10 foreign heros in the settlement with spy glass on, then the owner can see (Rally point + own equipment + the value from heroes in the settlement) = that could be up to 450.. or even more if more heros with spy-glasses.

    This will make it more risky, to fake attacks... (cost more)
    This will give the possibility to discover fakes, no matter the size, if the whole team stick together.
    When mass attacks lands on a ally, then you are not able to get hero round to all villages, but you might have some players who could coordinate to check some villages and discover as a team where the real attack are...

    What do you think ?
    or any other addon or suggestions :D :D :D
    it is now long time that there has not been made any adjustments on the hero, time to update here as well :D

    DMT - just a big kid who love to have fun. ?(

  • Fancy idea but I don't like it for 2 reasons

    1) It makes it so that bigger teams have even bigger advantage than they do now (especially the ones with lot of gold spenders)
    2) It makes attacking even more difficult than it is now

    Right now I think think attacking is bit too difficult and the only way to really succeed in offense is either by being significantly larger so you can sustain the attrition warfare longer or by utilizing lot of fakes. Incidentally lot of fakes is one of the tools smaller team can utilize to beat a bigger teams defense number advantage. With this change it would make it so that not only do you have to scale the number of fakes to the enemy size, you would have to scale the size of the fakes to enemy member count as well. This creates a nasty double dip and exponentially increases the cost of offense operations based on the enemy size when right now the relation is mostly linear.

    Lets take an example. Lets say that you are confident that right now your offense operation is capable of taking out enemy defense and reaching the goal (be it chief, cata waves or treasures) trough a force that is approximately worth 10 enemy players. This means if you attack a kingdom with 10 players you would need 2 targets to have about a 50% chance of success in your operation (one fake and one real). Against a kingdom of 50 you would instead need 10 targets (9 fakes and one real) as the enemy is capable of defending with 5 of these 10 man blocks on 5 separate targets. The cost of these 2 operations would hence be 50 (lets use round numbers for convenience) in fake units per player and 450 per player
    Now lets imagine that out of 10 players there are 2 that are both online and capable of using a spyglass worth of 10 units lets compare the 2 situations again. In the assault against 10 players you would need about 70 units in fakes now since you can assume 2 additional heroes will be used to look at your army meaning that instead of 50 you need 70 per target. Now this isn't so bad. Against the kingdom of 50 however you need 150 units per target as there are potentially 10 extra heroes that will attempt to scout you out. Now the cost for a single player is 1350 for this operation just in fakes
    This even gets worse if you assume more active players, larger kingdom, longer travel time, more gold users and the fact that real spyglass works up to 25 units

    Sure the enemies probably won't have time to check every village if you send 10 attacks like in the above example but they will be able to scout at least a couple and if those villages are revealed then your entire operation might be in ruins (this is why you fake with 45 even though you are pretty sure the enemy doesn't have maxed out spyglass because if they get one, even one visible fake might ruin an offense operation for everyone)

    This isn't even taking into account problems like multi accounting or how large treasuries would have 10 heroes just sitting there meaning even the least active members are able to effectively contribute to this strategy

    Even though I'm bashing on the idea a bit, I would actually prefer if there was less fakes in the game, the fantasy of army vs army, man vs man (or woman) is really powerful one. The reality of modern attacking against a competent enemy is that it mostly boils down to luck, either enemy makes a mistake or you have to guess and that's not as fun fantasy, it doesn't feel that great when you are the one doing the attacking either when you know that enemy has to defend at random. This change would naturally force that kind of situation (fakes without hundreds, possibly even thousand troops would be useless so might as well just attack full force), but it does nothing to change the inherent balance of power between defense and offense, which in this game is "if you know 100% where the attack lands you are almost guaranteed to win unless the enemy is significantly larger than you are". I just feel this isn't the way to achieve that but rather changes that drive the game more towards smaller kingdoms and more skill.

  • Hello @DMT thanks for sharing your idea and including so many details.

    The thought of adjustments to the hero sounds great in general, as @Curtain already explained, it would be unbalanced to give the kingdom with more governors that are already in an advanced position, even more advantage and would lead to OP.

    What I like about the idea is that it would make fun to team up with the heroes and have a common impact ingame.