Playing as Natars

  • We have known Natars for quite a really long time.
    How will it be to play as Natars?
    What if the usual tribes like gauls, romans and teutons become NPC and all players are Natars and the soul aim of that game is to prevent the NPC in completing Wonder of World to level 100? Maybe the game will end once 150 day mark is reached. The Kingdom who defeated the most NPC villages or the most WW levels decreased will be announced the winner.


    The game will go on as usual. A few selected players either mid game or winners/ veterans of a recently ended servers are invited to play as Natar and cause chaos in the server That might spice up a bit ;)

    Instead of Natar attacking others by A.I. if some human brain works, the results might be amazing, I don't know.. :rolleyes:

    What do you think of my wild imagination guys?
    Is it possible/ Will it be nice?

    Please share your thoughts. :)