'Vacation' mode

  • We've had this feature available for a while now, and I've yet to see this be used for vacations.
    All I'm seeing is people using it to save villages from being destroyed and getting a reprieve from being farmed.

    These are active players making this choice strategically. I am yet to hear of any player in the game use this tool for a vacation.
    In fact, the only players I've known that have gone on a vacation or small period of leave since this tool was introduced have found it better to use the already existing tools (sitter/dual) as it is better for their account.

    My preference would be for this feature to be removed completely, but I can see there being a need for something to assist players with being able to do something if they leave for a short while.

    Some alternative suggestions would be to completely stop you from doing all actions (not rebuild your walls etc.) or give only protection to the troops, not your resources.

    Honestly I don't have great alternative ideas, but something needs to change because this is not being used for the intentions it was implemented for.

  • Ageed - I don't think it would be a good thing to completely get rid of the feature but something needs to be done to limit its use to it's actual intention and not as a tactical move

    I think one thing that should definitely be implemented is that you should not be allowed to delete your account while in vacation mode and for a certain cool down period after returning from vacation mode (or make deletion take longer if you've just returned from vacation mode). It's super frustrating to attack a player only to have them go into vacation mode and delete their account so you don't even have a chance to recover any resources from them.

    But otherwise, yeah I don't really have any ideas either. Perhaps limiting the protection offered to only troops/buildings and not resources or slowing down a player for a period when they return from vacation mode? Maybe also limiting the number of treasures/tributes a player can generate after returning from vacation mode as well - something to encourage other players within the kingdom to use sitters/duals rather than vacation mode.

  • Can confirm. Used up most of mine for strategic reasons, am stuck with few days only to use on my upcomming vacation :D

    Joke (actually no joke) aside, devs should just remove the boost afterwards. People dependant on 14d of production/troops usually have sitters/duals for vacations and the ones that play casually and/or wont have their queues running 24/7 anyway wont mind that much anyway. And yes, building (especially rebuilding destroyed wall etc) should be deactivated too. maybe only exception to be crop fields or something

  • Disgusted to just learn that you can delete while in vacation mode.

    While I haven't personally lost from this, a player that I know of took a significant risk to clear a player, then that player immediately activates vacation mode and deletes before this player can chief.

    How about we just make it so you don't fight and just build the WW and hold hands together?

    Stop putting in deterrents to combat! We now all have to factor in how likely a player has to do this before considering any action like catapulting or chiefing or ensuring you can do it all within 48 hours or else may as well no bother with the costs and losses.

    What a disgrace. I see in "similar threads" this being discussed last October. No changes at all. Really?

    I am still to find 1 person use this for a damn vacation btw.