Title Attribution

  • Hello! I think that it would be great if kings or founders of secret society could attribute titles to their subjects. I don't think it would change the gameplay that much, but it would be really nice if we could boost the roleplay part with such titles (ex: a duke could be names "Duke of the west"). It would also allow kingdoms to better organize themselves, since they'll be able to attribute role to their different members (ex: Off/def commanders). So, what do you think about this?

  • T4 (now Travian Legends) had this feature, so my guess is that the devs intentionally didnt add this here for some reason. And although I did like the fun aspect of this (like naming the old dude playing 'grumpy grampa' or something) I would somewhat want to give away as little information about my kingdom as possible (and assinging people roles in private/specialized SS's/external chats costs little more effort)