Cheating in general on Travian

  • Inspired by the couple of recent threads about players cheating using the Vacation Mode function, I thought I would start a thread for people to tell the developers about some of the other forms of cheating (include abuse of the games rules against their intended function) they come across and make some suggestions about what should be done about it

    Here's my initial thoughts

    1. Vacation mode: has been covered in the other threads so I won't say much more

    2. Travian needs to recruit more Multihunters - at the moment it feels like they are relying too heavily on players reporting potential abuses rather than actually actively hunting out people cheating

    3. Much more needs to be done to crack down on multi-accounts - if it's obvious to other players which players are using multi accounts it should be just as obvious to the admins

    4. Kingdom stacking is one issue - Kingdoms that are stacking their kingdom with as many accounts as they can get away with to boost the amount of treasures/VP they get. So many accounts are clearly being opened with no intention other than adding to the population of a kingdom and generating treasures/tributes and maybe extra defensive troops. I'm not sure how to best tell the difference between these accounts and players who are simply not that active, so open to suggestions

    5. Same as above with obvious farms. I regularly run into accounts that reach a certain point and then don't build any buildings or troops, but still remain active and generate resources. A lot of these accounts are clearly being maintained by somebody as a farm and multihunter should be auditing any accounts like this to identify who is doing it.

    6. Again, open to suggestions about the best approach to do this but something needs to be done about players using bots for farming and building up their cities. I think at this point the level of programming available has overtaken the ability of the Travian mods to identify bots. I think that multihunters should be regularly auditing the accounts of the top raiders and any player that shows a sudden spike in activity to identify the discrepancies between when they are online and when they have bots running their account for them. At a minimum it should be obvious that accounts that a running their farming lists 24/7 are using bots - I know some Travian players don't sleep much but everybody needs to sleep at some point.

    7. I think that the punishments for people getting caught cheating need to be stricter. If you are caught cheating your MAIN account should be banned completely - not whichever smaller account you don't care about.

    8. This will probably be controversial but I think that there needs to be a punishment for the Kingdom when a player gets caught cheating too. I think that any treasures,VP and tributes that the cheating player has generated should be removed from their Kingdom. I appreciate with this view that it can be hard as a King/Duke to know if one of your players is cheating, but at the same time I don't think a Kingdom should be allowed to have gained anything from a player that was cheating. Imho I also think that the leadership team of a kingdom needs to take some responsibility for the behaviour of the players they choose to recruit.

  • I think after so many years, travian must have access to a lot of data generated by players caught cheating or using bots and the data generated by non-cheating players.
    Why not feed all of this data to a machine learning algorithm and train it to identify anomalous behavior in the future?

    Any suspicious behavior can be flagged by the algorithms and checked by a multihunter manually to see if it's correct or not and flag it appropriately, over time the accuracy of the algorithms should improve to require minimal human interference.
    i say this, because over the past 3-4 years, use of these new technologies has increased significantly, perhaps travian should look into it to improve their game.

  • I am, as you very tired of the extensive cheating in this game.
    But I think you mix a few things here and a couple of the points, I definitely disagree to.

    @1. Haven't read the posts about it, but even if it is a way to get away from attacks, it is hard to claim this as cheating.

    @2. Sure agreed but it will not have any impact unless the MH are better trained and given better tools to reveal cheaters.

    @3. Again agreed, but it boils down to the tools available. Not everything that looks suspicious from the outside is cheating. Sometimes more activity, better skills or pure luck can be the difference.

    @4. Not understood at all. Do you mean that recruiting many players to a kingdom is cheating? If it is multi, yes, please reveal them. Otherwise, I do not see why this is cheating?

    @5. If it is use of active sitters within the game rules, this has nothing to do with cheating. Here I assume that it is not multi and then, like it or not, this is allowed. It also only has a limited effect in the very early days. Later this is of little or no value.

    @6. Agreed. If players are using bots, then I would like to get rid of them. Some are most likely doing it. I report them and quite often they are banned afterwards. But the game relies on trusting and accepting the decisions of MHs. know several players that claim this is not always correct. I choose to have no opinion. The alternative is to stop playing.

    @7. Agreed, and I believe this is done. If some is using multi, then both (or all) of the accounts are banned. Have seen this on several servers recently

    @8. Disagree completely! To punish a kingdom / king / duke for acts of a single player, is meaningless. As a player, I have no chance to reveal cheaters normally. I know no means for checking if a player has several accounts, is using bots or cheating in other ways. I can sometimes see some suspicious patterns and then I report them, but to expect that I (if I am a royal) should be responsible for other players actions is just meaningless. In an extreme situation, I could join the enemy kingdom, start illegal activities, multi / bot or whatever, and create penalties for the kingdom.
    If this would be the case, I would quit the game immediately. I take responsibility for myself and no NOT cheat. What others do, is their responsibility.

    General, yes this game would be much more interesting if there was less cheating. But please do not turn this into a surveillance nightmare. :thumbdown: