Alliance: yellow area

  • Based on which factors does the yellow alliance area change? I know that dukes are one factor, but what else? My villages are 2 sqares away from the yellow area. Will it reach me?


  • The yellow kingdom area (called borders) emanates from all active treasuries of the king and dukes (and later vice king as well) and can include oasis that are in direct contact with existing border (corner to corner is fine for that as well)

    The maximum reach of the borders is determined by the population of the treasury village. The maximum borders increase when the village reaches 100, 250, 500 and 1000 population. When there are multiple treasuries in the area and the borders are bit confusing you can check the maximum spread by hovering over any treasury. Pictured below is the maximum spread of the borders from single village. Notice the wood+crop oasis in the top left area which has been included in the borders as the player has captured it)

    When there are more than one treasury competing for any single tile (such as different kingdoms early game or even overlapping king and duke area) then who controls that tile is determined by influence. Influence is based on distance to the treasury, the treasury village population and then number of treasuries inside. Sometimes competing treasuries cause the area to be less than the maximum but no matter if there is or is not competition the area won't ever reach beyond this maximum area.

    Compare your location to the maximum area shown below and you will know if your village will be in reach or not