King - Glorified administrator?

  • Hello!

    I've been gone for about a year or two from kingdoms. And with the changes to kingdoms being new to me, I'd just like someone to clarify for me.. what is the point of being a king?

    I can understand that changes were made to dukes from when I played. They were pretty much governours with an extra bulls-eye. I like that they are able to collect resources, and get a piece of what a king got/get. But today; kings are limited in how many treasuries they can open, and can only open as many as their dukes. Meanwhile, they get no hideouts. In the olden days of quite recently, they were the sprawlers who could reap the benefit of the hard work they put into landscaping. Today, dukes clearly are the hot cheese, with the best of both worlds. Why not simply limit dukes treasury numbers (to one preferably), and have other limiting factors for a king?

    So my question really; why should anyone want be a king? Is there something I'm missing? Or are they simply glorified administrators?.


  • Kings currently get more tributes, as they can collect from all dukes, and a part of tributes collected by dukes will go to their tribute fund instead of the villa. In practical terms, Kings get part of a Duke's tributes. Also Dukes have a reduced hideout spawn rate

  • Yes agree, the difference between the tributes of the King & Dukes - gets huge in the mid-late stages of the game (as long as you encourage your Govs to settle inside borders). The King collects the tributes of all the Govs within their own infuence and then also collects 25% from the tributes collected by the Dukes from the Dukes influence areas.
    But also not everyone likes having to deal with Hideouts, especially if you play defence, you can also quietly sim a WWK without anyone on the server being able to easily detect it via your Off stats that the Robbers give you ;)

    there are other reasons to be King too though :-
    some players like to lead, so will take on the role to lead from the front.
    Kings control the diplo from other kingdoms, they are usually the 1st point of contact for negotiations.
    they are the ones that have control to "hire & fire" members, they decide who joins the Kingdom & who might be kicked for their bad behaviour.
    Generally just be the one in charge & guide the Kingdom to where you want it to be (or that's how it appears to be as far as the outside world is concerned) it is not always the case from inside the kingdom though, very often Dukes & Govs do more than the King themselves in actual leading/rallying the players

    one more thing to consider ...... if the game ends well then the King gets praised, if if ends badly then they get blamed :D

  • With the Unions feature and limited number of treasuries, an intelligent king can influence the demography of the server. Whom to have union on what conditions, the right placement of dukes first treasuries and who is allowed to set up the next treasury, the potential enemies there make a kings role really worth while rather than pure resource economics.

    While we have a huge hammer or population or defense statistics or wonder, why you finally play the game? To have fun

    For me, fun comes by able to strategies (even if i am not playing a king in my current server) and not about resource income.

  • While the difference in tributes is not tremenduous, there is. And indeed being king gives you the kingdom in your hands, gives you the last say; you make the rules for how your kingdom is internally governed and you are mostly the primary contact for anyone, especially from the outside. And with the choice of unions you have a big strategic choice at hands in the early midgame.

    Forcing the king to open even more treasuries than now, would give them a *disadvantage* as it means that village placement needs even more and better consideration than it already needs now.

    The current distinction between kings and dukes works well from my perspective. Giving kings more ress via tributes and / or more treasuries is definitely not needed - nor desirable IMHO.