Two speeds running at the same time..

  • I don't care what they think and there's nothing they can do.I selected my members carefully staging coups and kicking players as soon as they started to show any skills.The ones left are disciplined semi-inactives that are happy to be in and train defense and understand very well that should they contest me in any way they will be kicked and their villages booked for chiefing :)

    P.S:I spiked every village on the map and i killed none of my kingdom's troops.They don't even farm :D

    Whopp Eee Doo!! how amazing you are

    But there see, now we have the truth of it .....

    you simply have no respect, no respect for the game, no respect for the players, no respect for your team, no respect for the community, infact it seems no respect for any part of Travian. You speak of toxic, just look in the mirror mate, you will see what "travian toxicity" is looking right back at you.

    Maybe players like this will get bored and move onto something else & we can get back to the real "art of war" until then the game will continue to die regardless of how many servers are running

  • It's not about winning (tho still has some chances) but about building a top 3 kingdom with 80 people from scratch so i can spike unpunished.I wanted to prove i can spike and get away with it and i did it(hope you checked defenders tops too).I've built myself a kingdom that can put millions of defense in my villages when people try to punish me for spiking.

    I know it's hard to accept different and give credit to it(it's hard for me to see why are you so proud of being a part of a 50 preformed team,no challenge) but try for a change to build a top 3 kingdom on a server starting from scratch.You'll see for yourself if it deserves credit or not.

    As for winning this game is kind of poorly designed so those who win are forced to play the most boring and unfun game.Maybe this is the reason this game is bleeding so badly with player numbers smaller and smaller every new server.People have better things to do with their lives than secure a ''win'' on Kingdoms...

    My first two servers on kingdoms when I was returning to the game (because the kingdoms idea sounded interesting) I formed with randoms around me and came second and then 3rd with a tiny kingdom (that time as king).

    I have more fun playing with BM because now they are all my friends, you know one of the best things about playing in a multiplayer game - working in teams and making friends. I know it's a rough concept but I'm sure you might be able to imagine if you try hard enough :D