who is responsible of romoving threads?

  • I had a thread where I had a question about 2 players playing in 1 computer it was removed for an unknown reason it's url was
    access denied as you can see
    I would like to know who is responsible of removing it sicne it was from the adminestration and I didn't really get my answer about the question I posted before it get removed for some unknown reason I would like to contact this person so at least he gives me the answer I need. :cursing:X(

  • Get used to this.
    This game is corrupt to the core.
    Been banned on the forum for asking why MH/Administarators are allowed to play the game and even have kingdoms named after them.And helping respective kingdoms win abusing their access.

    On the other hand the slightest mistake you will make,even being in a grey area,will get you a ban.

    My advice:move on and let it go.This game is reaching it's final days and like the Roman Empire in 476 A.D. is corrupt to the core.