Android App Changelog v12.18

  • Dear players,
    the next update will take place on July 31st. This version aims to improve the demolition of buildings and make the communication on com rounds easier.

    Demolition: When demolishing a building, you will now see it in the building queue. Tapping on the demolition slot opens a window in which you can see more information.
    Rubble: You can use the „Finish Now "-Feature and finish the collection of rubble immediately.
    COM rounds: We renamed the Global and the Beginner chat rooms to "Chat" and "Help", and they are available in your selected language now. The new Global chat room, indicated by a globe icon, is the place to communicate in English with every player in the game world.

    Bug fixes:
    Reinforcement: You are now able to choose which kind of your own troops you want to withdraw or send back to other players
    Farm list reports: We are displaying now all information in the farm list reports that we are also showing in the browser
    Relocation notification: Clicking on it in the App won’t close this notification anymore. Still, this feature is only available via browser
    • Smaller bug fixes and performance improvements

    Best regards
    Your Travian Kingdoms team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • I got a problem with THE inlog of at the app. I have update the app and now i cant login to the world the app Will auto suthing down.
    Friends of my have The same problem to with THE iOS app.

    Pls help i cant play

  • Unable to log on to the mobile app !
    App - instantly shuts off !! { i am using 'iOS', not sure about 'Android' users }
    I presume the latest updates ruined the working App :(

    Please fix this or revert back to the old version !!!

    Many Thanks.

  • Hey guys,
    welcome to the forums! :)

    as explained in this thread, unfortunately there were some unexpected issues with the latest update. Our mobile team already fixed it and the newest release will be available as soon as the app store approves it.

    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International