The King's Power Abuse

  • Greetings.

    So I've been playing the game as governor in TEST server for quite a time now. I have terrible luck to ended up with 3 bad kings before i finally joined a proper kingdom.
    After almost a month in there, where everything is fine and dandy, suddenly the King kicks everyone. With no warning, no hint whatsoever. This happened in Union Kingdom.
    The dukes and some of the active player are confused, angry, frustrated and stressed out by this but we cant do anything about it.

    We later find out that his account has been hacked by some random 'amazing' person who decided to play a big pranks to all of us who spend our entire month building that kingdom. Our Vice King tried to fix our situation but he cant do anything as that Rogue King keep kicking everyone whenever the Vice King tried to re-invite the member back.
    So with this I want to ask for some solution to be worked onto this.

    My suggestion is as follows (This is for a Union Kingdom):

    1. Do not allow The King to abdicate the dukes so easily. Try to make some restrictions, like if Vice King did not accept it, then the King can't kick the dukes as easily. This is quite important because losing 4 dukes means losing 4 or more treasury in one go. Kicking a member can easily be fix by re-inviting them back.

    2. Give some Timed Warning should a king decided to kick a duke. So we would have enough time to respond if our King went Rogue and enable us to minimize the dreadful damage that soon to come.

    3. Give Vice King some kind of power to stop the Rogue's King Madness, like nullified the King's ability to kick or something.

    4. For the love of god, give the vice King an ability to abandoned the broken Kingdom. We all lost a lot but he suffer the worst for simply unable to abandoned that rogue king.

    I understand this is hard to implement due to numerous ways to abuse it. Its just i dint have the brightest mind to even think of a solution especially right after being the victim of all of this.

    I will welcome to hear everyone's opinion in regard of this tho.

    I just realized i posted this not in TEST suggestion thread. So if an admin read this kindly move it there.

  • i wish that any one of the Tech team can help it's not fair that after all that hard work some one can easily HACK and destroy all that with no chance to recover any of our hard work IT'S NOT FAIR AT ALL

  • I totally understand the frustration - and such behaviour of a king is a complete game and fun killer for inside that kingdome and possibly for the enemies of that kingdom as well.

    Yet I'm not sure there *can* be a solution as it's a social problem, less a technical one:
    * a king should be able to kick both, dukes and governors. And it should either be able, say for case of vacation or absence and urgent need to act: Treason is not unknown in this game, actually it's a core component, for good reasons. But this means one has to be able to get rid of traitors quickly, thoroughly and soundly as well. The other side of this is, that such power *can* be abused, actually rather easily.

    Reading your posting, it reads like "the account was hijacked". Which is something entirely differently and which should rather be dealt with at administrative level, from Travian staff. And to be fair: such behaviour as you describe should IMHO be worth reporting... but what should be the consequence for that player?

    Maybe it is an idea to add something like a petition (e.g. if 2/3 of the players of a kingdom (including those who were in it in the last 3 days) vote for "demote king/duke and replace by X", then it will be done when also the other king or all dukes agree. Things along these lines have been suggested before, though...