secret achievement for special buildings?

  • Hey!
    There is an achievement for Gauls special building, the Trapper


    An army held hostage
    Trap 1,000 enemies in one battle as a Gaul.

    Why other tribes don't have achievement for their special buildings? :whistling:

  • Probably because there isn't any out of the book tactics with the other two, you kinda build them and then that's it. With trapper you can stack them and it's not really in the path of normal gameplay but still interesting enough to make for a good secret achievo.
    If I had to suggest ones for romans and teutons maybe:
    Party animal: activate the brewery total of 30 times or more in one server (since one run is 72h that would be total of 90 days spent drunk which might or might not be too much)
    That's not my horse!: have more than 1k of each other cavalry units besides romans drinking on your pool

    I think the first idea is ok, maybe bit grindy while the second is definitely easy enough tho not sure if it's "cool" enough :D

  • Veni Vidi Vomitorium:

    Feed 1k exactly 10k visiting horses at a discount for a full day.
    Romans had lavish parties where guest would be able to engorge themselves on lots of food and by the time their tummies were full they would be able to go to a special outhouse where they could throw up their food to continue eating.

    A liver for a life:
    It's gonna be a big hangover but at least you'll live
    Survive a fight with your hero due to him being drunk. (the 1-20% boost should make the losses less than 50%, but if he's not drunk he would die)

    An honest politician:

    Chief a village bigger than the origin of the Chief while intoxicated.