am i the only one that thinks teutons lost their touch in T5 ?

  • teutons were the server masters in T4
    in the beginning,mid or the end of the server they were always awesome
    am i the only on that thinks teutons lost their glorious attackers touch in T5 ?
    or is it that the game has been promoting romans and gauls more than them ??

  • They got a bit of a nerf in the T4 -> T5 but I think the biggest reason is the way kingdoms emphasizes teamplay and wonders over individual account power.
    Teutons are strongest when they can overpower individuals or small groups with large amount of offense power but in kingdoms each account matters lot less than they did in legends and big targets like treasuries and wonders will have massive defenses with them which makes it harder for teutons to contribute. Sure you can still hit the edge players and governors but your influence in the grand scheme of things is lot less compared to that roman WW hit when compared to the same in legends.
    In legends accounts were bigger and emphasis was more on fighting the enemy players which means teutons could roam free lot more effectively

  • Personally, I am not so sure they are that bad. They might not be so superior in comparrison to the other two (well, Gaul never was GOOD at off anyway) but they have their strength still. Espcially with super-fortified treasuries, a good ram-teuton with brewery and siege can lay havoc to any treasury, and then the Roman hammer follows up. The Teutons build up very quickly again, so they can afford to waste their hammer on a huge treasury in mid-game and still stand ready for late game again